Stoke Newington CAAC June 2019

Planning Applications for Stoke Newington CAAC meeting for 10 June 2019


2019/1436 Rear of 49 Stoke Newington Church Street N16 0AR Construction of dwellinghouse (following demolition of existing building) (Jeni Cowan 020 8356 1371)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1694 215 Stoke Newington High Street N16 0LH Erection of rear infill first floor extension (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1578 Rear of 155 Stoke Newington High Street N16 0NY Retrospective approval for two storey dwelling including alterations to fenestration design from previously approved scheme (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1987 113 Stoke Newington High Street N16 0PH Fascia board with internally lit lettering (Kim Aukett 020 8356 4740)

The failure to enforce against a series of fascias in the vicinity that fail to meet the shopfront design guide (e.g. by being internally illuminated) is to the detriment of the streetscape and harms the conservation area. That harm is no reason to allow further erosion and we suggest the applicant removes the internal illumination from this application.


2019/1683 3A Lordship Road N16 0PP Erection of a single-storey rear extension at ground floor level; erection of single-storey outbuilding and pergola structure. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1874 Barrie House Site Of Radio Mast Albion Road N16 0TX The installation of twelve pole mounted antennas, 4no. 300mm dish antennas, four small cabinets and ancillary enabling works on roof of Barrie House. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

We regret the undoubted effect on the views towards St Mary's Church spire from neighbouring properties, which it will interrupt. We question if other sites been explored which would prove to have less of an impact.


2019/1942 127 Stoke Newington Church Street N16 0UH Change of use of ground and basement floors from retail (use class A1) nail bar/waxing studio (Sui Generis). (Alix Hauser 020 8356 6377)

No comment


2019/1923 54 Lordship Park N16 5UA Variation of condition 2 (approved drawings) attached to planning permission 2017/0394 dated 12/05/2017. Effect of variation would be to increase the height of the rear parapet by 600mm. [Note for consultation: Substantive development is for: 'Excavation of basement and erection of two-storey rear extension at lower ground and ground floor level; erection of two rear dormer roof extensions, replacement of existing 2 rooflights in front roofslope; creation of front and rear lightwells and provision of new front railings and external alterations. All in connection with extension and conversion of existing property to provide a total of seven self-contained flats (currently authorised as four self-contained flats).'] (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

We question whether this amendment is non-material. 600mm is a considerable variation on a site where works to date have already been in significant variance to approved plans and have left the property in a perilous state. The cumulative effect of the variations to the extant permission would be easier to come to a view on if we had faith that it would be built out as is now described. We expect the reality to be different and if the the final implementation is further varied from these extreme plans, then the damage will have been done and there will be little imperative to proceed with enforcement action.


2019/1950 Basement Flat 78 Lordship Park N16 5UA Replacement of 3 windows on front and side elevations with new timber double-glazed box sash windows; widening of an existing external french door opening on the rear elevation and the installation of new crittal style glazed doors. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1693 87 Queen Elizabeths Walk N16 5UG Alterations to the existing conservatory (replacement roof, different roof style, partial rebuild), and changes to the rear/side elevations fenestration. (Jeni Cowan 020 8356 1371)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1770 1 Garnham Street N16 7JA Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission ref 2017/3455 dated 24/09/2018. Effect of variation would be to allow for the retention of air conditioning units without sound insulation enclosures. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

No comment


2019/1729 202 Green Lanes N4 2EY Erection of a three-storey (plus basement) new four-bedroom dwellinghouse (following demolition of existing garage) (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

This ambitious proposal fundamentally lacks sufficient design development, justification and detail to be at all convincing. The Design and Access Statement is notably poor and incoherent and lacks any research or heritage assessment. As designed, the development is far too close to the boundary wall and presents an incongruous mass (in particular as expressed through glass bricks which detract from the adjacent terrace) which results in overdevelopment which fails to be subservient to the adjacent terrace. If a case is to be made for a modern intervention of this scale and with this materiality, in this location then it isn't made in this application.

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