Stoke Newington CAAC September 2019

Planning Applications for Stoke Newington CAAC meeting for 9 September 2019


2019/0087 69-71 Lordship Road N16 0QX Erection of a three storey building, plus basement, to provide seven residential units (use class C3). (Mehdi Rezaie)

The proposed building is too tall in relation to St Mary's Lodge (not shown in elevation in context) and the existing synagogue, and it is too close to St Mary's Lodge.


2019/2514 Land bounded by Seven Sisters Road to the North Woodberry Grove to the West and Devan Grove and Eastern Reservoir to the South which includes buildings identified as The Happy Man Public House 89 Woodberry Grove 440 Seven Sisters Road 1-25 Bayhurst House 1-30 Chattenden House 1-45 Farningham Road 1-80 Ashdale House 1-80 Burtonwood House Woodberry Down N4 Demolition of the existing buildings, and construction of 4 residential blocks, ranging in height from 6 to 20 storeys, to provide 584 residential units and 1,045 sqm (GEA) of flexible floorspace (Use Class A1, A2, A3, D1, D2), a new Energy Centre (sui generis) and a new public park; together with ancillary hard and soft landscaping, public realm, cycle and associated car parking, highway works including access road and all other works associated with the development. (THIS APPLICATION IS ACCOMPANIED BY AN ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT). (Alison Rugg 020 8356 8093)

An opportunity has been missed to create greater interest by adding variation to the elevations and to connect the buildings with public spaces and the raised podiums gardens do not help. The flat layouts are rather pedestrian and the high densities have lead to compromises.


2019/2815 202 Green Lanes N4 2EY Erection of a three-storey (inclusive of basement) two-bedroom dwellinghouse with roof garden (following demolition of existing garage) (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

The quality of the design is very poor and it doesn't enhance the CA. It should relate to the building line of other buildings in this part of Lordship Park. The drawings lack adequate detail.


2019/2908 The Castle Climbing Centre Green Lanes N4 2HA Replacement of corroded gutters to the main roofs of the Grade II* Listed Engine House (Thomas Bertwistle)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/2966 Abney Park Cemetery 215 Stoke Newington High Street N16 0LH Construction of a new building accommodating a multi-use community and education space, an interpretation cafe and accessible toilets with associated landscaping adjacent to the Stoke Newington High Street entrance to Abney Park; Chapel restoration works and construction of external pavilions to the Chapel to accommodate toilets and services; Works to the Church Street entrance to Abney Park to provide disabled access (in association with Listed Building Consent 2019/3177). (Yvette Ralston 020 8356 1208)

Church St entrance - we are against moving the wrought iron gates forwards, we would prefer one ramp dropping to the west. High Street entrance - we have no objection to the proposed new buildings. The chapel - Our feeling was that the chapel should not be over-repaired.


2019/2974 14 Lordship Road N16 0QT Erection of a roof extension at third floor level to provide a self contained flat including alterations to fenestration on front elevation. (Fabian Culican)

The addition of the extra storey would result in over-development of the site, and the building being too tall in relation to the to neighbouring buildings and the Round House (no.8). If, in spite of this, permission is to be given, then the addition should have mansard style sloping walls (as described but not drawn).


2019/3005 First and Second Floor 131-133 Stoke Newington High Street N16 0PH Change of use from Class B1a (offices) to C3 (dwellings) atfirst, second and third floor levels, consisting of 1x three-bed and 3x one-bed self-contained residential units including minor external alterations to rear elevation (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

We have no objection to the proposals.

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