Stoke Newington CAAC April 2019

Planning Applications for Stoke Newington CAAC meeting for April 2019


2019/0585 64 Stoke Newington Church Street N16 0AR Replacement of existing roof covering and rooflights and installation of guardrail edge protection system. (Alix Hauser 020 8356 6377)

We have no objection to the proposals but we feel the application is inadequate for a building in a conservation area and adjacent to a listed park/garden (which it fails to recognise).


2019/1190 93 Stoke Newington Church Street N16 0AS Proposed use of the rear terrace for external seating comprising 20no. covers, with limited hours of use. (Alyce Jeffery 020 8356 1804)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1196 Flat B 95 Stoke Newington Church Street N16 0AS Replacement of the existing side and rear dormers and addition of two conservation rooflights to principal elevation. (Jeni Cowan 020 8356 1371)

Whilst it is not clear if or how the current addition has planning consent we doubt it would get it now. The proposal improves it in some respects but makes it more prominent in others. In particular from the west where it's form would be highly apparent in views from Church St (as the CGI shows). Taking the various aspects of the scheme on balance, we have no objection to the proposals.


2019/0842 Anita House Wilmer Place Stoke Newington N16 0LN Installation of three fascia signs (eastern and southern elevations). (Alyce Jeffery 020 8356 1804)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1096 10 Wilmer Place N16 0LY Partial roof demolition to rear to facilitate a roof extension and loft conversion. (Richard Kealey 020 8356 6469)

The Wilmer Place terrace is modern and not of high quality but it maintains a symmetrical form which will be broken by this addition and which should be preserved. We note and support the objection of the Hackney Society Planning Group which observes that the proposal would result in "a crude, unusual, highly obtrusive, and out-of scale addition to the roof, destroying the roof line, and dominating the host building." We also agree the additional overlooking to Abney Park "contribute[s] to a cumulative negative effect", and does so particularly in winter.


2019/0444 139-143 Stoke Newington High Street N16 0NY Erection of a three storey extension over the existing building to create three additional floors and a single storey rear extension at first floor level to facilitate the conversion of the first, second and third and loft floors into 8 self contained flats (4 x studio, 1 x 1 bed and 3 x 2 bed) including the provision of rear terraces and access from Kynaston Gardens to the rear. (Alix Hauser 020 8356 6377)

We object to the proposal which we argue is overdevelopment, especially as it exceeds the height of the adjacent building to the south. The design is of a poor quality in part because it attempts to ape the (poor quality) host building. The form of the windows needs more detail and in addition we believe the rear additions and the balconies will have an overbearing influence on Kynaston Gardens – the effect of which is nowhere mentioned in the application. If there is to be a mansard roof it should be set back behind a parapet. We further agree with the submission of the Hackney Society Planning Group.


2019/0375 and 2019/0437 145 Stoke Newington High Street N16 0NY Erection of first floor rear extension; provision of roof terrace at first floor level and additional fire escape for the second and third floors. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

We object to the proposals.The application contains insufficient detail for an application of this importance. In particular relating to the detailed design and appearance of the new elements. The railings add significant clutter to the rear elevation and destroys some windows which may have have heritage value (it is hard to tell from application). The effect on Kynaston Gardens which will be major, and on other neighbours is not properly assessed both from a visual and noise amenity. The large rear addition is out of scale with the other element of the rear additions and poorly described and not shown in all relevant elevations. The developers argue that they will do nothing to alter the heritage details of the main building which is a commercial strength but this undertaking, although welcome, is insufficient.


2019/0621 37 Lordship Park N16 5UN Erection of a ground floor rear extension and changes to rear fenestration. (Alyce Jeffery 020 8356 1804)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/0458 148 Stoke Newington High Street N16 7JL Erection of a two storey rear extension. (Alyce Jeffery 020 8356 1804)

We have no objection to the proposals.


2019/1093 6 Brooke Road N16 7LS Conversion of basement into one self-contained residential unit; excavation of two front lightwells; elevational changes along western elevation (facing Leswin Road) (Jeni Cowan 020 8356 1371)

While we have no objections to the alterations in general we would require to see further detailed drawings of the railings and new openings on Leswin Road


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