Previous events and AGMs

Tour: The Hackney Empire
Sat 7 May 10:45pm
De Beauvoir
WALK on Saturday 2 April 2016
Hackney Society Quiz Night
FUNDRAISER on Wednesday 17 February 2016, 7.30pm
Horticultural Clapton
WALK on 6 June 2015, 11.30am
Horticultural Hoxton
WALK on Sunday 28 June, 2.30pm
Lea Valley Fundraiser
SPONSORED WALK on Saturday 9 May 2015, 10am
The Goodsyard Debate - Helping Boris to see the light
A borough mayoral debate on the Bishopsgate Goodsyard
Up and Down the Chatsworth Road
WALK on Saturday 18 July 2015, 11am
Almost Lost: London's Buildings Loved and Loathed
EXHIBITION on Friday 25 April 2014, 6pm
CFA Voysey suite at Capel House
TOUR on Saturday 3 August 2013, 10.30am
Clonbrock Road
TOUR on Thursday 11 December 2014, 3.30pm
Ghostsigns of Stoke Newington
WALK on Saturday 15 February 2014, 11am
Ghostsigns of Stoke Newington
WALK on Tuesday 10 June 2014, 5:30pm
Hackney - Modern, Restored, Forgotten, Ignored
BOOK RELAUNCH on Wednesday 6 November 2013
Hackney Central
WALK on Sunday 9 March 2014, 2pm
Hackney Society Annual General Meeting 2014
Tuesday 2 December 2014, 7pm
Hackney Substation
TOUR on Saturday 25 January 2014, 11am
Highlights of Haggerston
WALK on Sunday 23 March 2014, 2pm
Highlights of Haggerston
WALK on Sunday 4 August 2013, 2.30pm
North Stoke Newington
WALK on Saturday 19 July 2014, 11:00am
Philanthropy and the City
WALK on Sunday 6 April 2014, 11am
Postcards of Hackney
Talk on Thursday 6 June 2013, 8pm
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
BOAT TOUR on Saturday 3 August 2013, 9.30am
Shoreditch Furniture Trade
WALK on Saturday 6 September 2014, 11am
Tales from the Refuge
TALK on Thursday 25 September 2014, 6pm
The Gingerbread House
TOUR on Saturday 14 September 2013, 11am
The Hackney Society AGM 2013 at the Hackney Marshes Centre
Thursday 14 November 2013 7:00 for 7:30pm
The London Nobody Knows + shorts
Film screening on Thursday 23 May 2013, 8pm
War Walk
WALK on Sunday 1 March 2015, 2pm
Woodberry Down
WALK on Sunday 1 September 2013, 11am
71 Greenwood Road
TOUR on Saturday 9 March 2013
A Journey through Dalston
WALK on Saturday 16 April 2011, 2pm
A Radical Ramble
WALK on Saturday 18 June 2011, 11am
Annual General Meeting
Monday 7 November 2011, 7pm
Annual General Meeting - 39 Parkholme Road, E8
Saturday 22 September 2012, 7pm
Bateman's Row
TOUR on Thursday 12 May 2011, 7pm
Clissold House
TOUR, Saturday 16 June 2012, 2.30pm
Dalston Churches
WALK on Saturday 21 May 2011, 2pm
From Clapton Pond to Clapton Square
WALK on Sunday 12 June 2011, 12 noon
From Rags-to-Riches
WALK on Saturday 16 July 2011, 11am
Hackney Through the Centuries
TALKS/WALKS 15, 16 May 2012, 7pm
Haggerston School
Tour on Thursday 2 May 2013, 6.30pm
Highlights of Haggerston
TALK on 28 July 2011, 6-7.30pm
Highlights of Haggerston
Walk on Saturday 8 October 2011, 11am
Highlights of Haggerston
WALK on Sunday 15 May 2011, 2.30pm
Lee Valley
Walk on Sunday 13 November 2011, 10.30am
Love Local Landmarks
TALK on Thursday 29 March 2012
Mythical Watercourses and Real Rivers
WALK on Saturday 19 March 2011, 11am
Parkholme Road
TOUR on Saturday 15 October 2011, 2pm
Pond House
Tour on Sunday 25 September 2011, 2pm and 4pm
Shakespeare's Shoreditch
WALK on Tuesday 16 October 2012, 7pm
The Villas of South Hackney
WALK on Sunday 22 April 2012, 11am
Under the Cranes
FILM SHOWING on Tuesday 19 July 2011, 6.15pm (refreshments from 5.45pm)
Ancient Routes, Trading Routes
WALK on Saturday 19 February 2011, 2pm
Clapton Library
TOUR on Monday 29 November 2010, 7pm
Shoreditch Pub Crawl
DRINKS on Thursday 9 December 2010, 7pm
St Paul's Church and its environs
TALK on Monday 17 January 2011, 7pm
Advice Surgery @ Hackney Central Library
Saturday 22 May 2010, 12-2pm
Advice Surgery @ St John-at-Hackney fête
Saturday 10 July 2010, 12-2pm
An evening stroll around Upper Clapton
WALK on Monday 26 July 2010, 7pm
Beating the Bounds of the Games
WALK on Saturday 25 September 2010, 11am
Discover Planning and the Historic Environment
DAY SEMINAR on Saturday 15 May 2010
Exploring Clapton's Past
WORKSHOP on Saturday 24 July 2010, 2pm to 4.30pm
Heart of Hackney
WALK on Saturday 13 November 2010, 2pm
Lived in London: Blue Plaques and the Stories Behind Them
TALK on Thursday 21 October 2010, 7pm
Optimistic Architecture
TALK and BOOK LAUNCH on Thursday 10 June 2010, 6pm
SAVE's Britain Heritage Conservation Day
BOOK FAIR on Tuesday 22 June 2010, 12-7pm
St John-at-Hackney: monuments and memories
WALK on Saturday 5 June 2010
Stoke Newington Town Hall FULL
TOUR on Tuesday 6 July 2010, 6.30pm
Sustainability vs Conservation
DEBATE on Thursday 20 May 2010
Tall Buildings CANCELLED
De Beauvoir Conservation Area FULL
WALK on Saturday 15 May 2010, 4pm
The Castle Climbing Centre
TOUR on Saturday 8 May 2010
Advice Surgery
Saturday 24 April 2010
Beating the Bounds of the Games in Hackney Wick
WALK on Saturday 20 March 2010
Rowe Lane
TOUR on Saturday 27 March 2010
The Lost World of the Hackney Coffee House
TALK on Monday 22 February 2010
Shoreditch Prototype House
TOUR on Saturday 30 January 2010
Bare, Ruined Choirs (Hackney - Modern, Restored, Forgotten, Ignored)
TALK and BOOK LAUNCH on Thursday 14 January 2010
Annual General Meeting
TALK on Monday 7 December 2009
Hackney - Modern, Restored, Forgotten, Ignored (Clapton)
BOOK LAUNCH on Wednesday 2 December 2009
St Leonard's Hospital
TALK and TOUR on Monday 23 November 2009
The Sunken House
TOUR on Saturday 27 February 2010
London Fields and John Hayward Murals
WALK on Sunday 11 October 2009
A Charmed Life: Eddie Noble
FILM on Monday 28 September 2009
Beating the Bounds in Hackney Wick
WALK on Saturday 26 September 2009
John Scott Health Centre
TOUR on Saturday 12 September 2009
Hackney and East London Synagogue
TALK on Monday 27 July 2009
The Hackney Society Triathlon
TOUR on Sunday 12 July 2009
21st century buildings in Hackney
WALK on Saturday 13 June 2009
Ann Tayler Children's Centre
TOUR on Tuesday 31 March 2009
Beating the Bounds of the Games
STORYWALK on Saturday 21 March 2009
Hackney - That Rose-Red Empire
TALK on Wednesday 4 March 2009
The French Hospital
TOUR on Monday 26 January 2009
The Light Bar
TOUR on Monday 1 December 2008
Maberly Chapel
TOUR on Monday 22 October 2008
The Regent's Canal
WALK on Monday 28 July 2008
Hackney Hike
WALK on Saturday 12 July 2008
Mossbourne Community Academy
TOUR on Thursday 22 May 2008
St Augustine's Tower
TOUR on Saturday 10 May 2008
Rivington Place
TOUR on Thursday 27 March 2008
Buried by the Blitz
TALK on Thursday 27 February 2008


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