Clapton CAAC October 2021

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for 21 October 2021


2021/2739 William Hill, 99 - 101 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0NP Advertisement consent for two internally illuminated fascia signs and one projecting sign. Advertisement Consent (James Clark)

This is not acceptable; it is out of sympathy with the other shopfronts on the street. They are seeking to introduce their standard shopfront design but this damages the street scene.


2021/2601 14 Ickburgh Road, E5 8AD Amalgamating three flats into one dwelling together with the removal of previous infill extension and the construction of new infill and rear, ground floor, single-storey extensions. The proposal also includes numerous more minor alterations such as the removal of a rear balcony, altering the rear fenestration, replacing windows to the front and rear of the dwelling, sandblasting and repointing of brickwork, creating new timber decking, removing two trees from the rear garden and pruning two trees in the rear garden. Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

No objection - this is an improvement on the current situation


2021/2883 Flat 2, 29 Alconbury Road, E5 8RG Erection of a single storey, lower ground floor rear extension together with the relocation of the door in the side boundary wall. Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

1.We wonder whether this is an extension to a previous extension. 2. The new bay extends beyond the 3 m extension shown in the plans, we wonder if this acceptable under planning law and would welcome planning officers advice.


2021/2246 1 Sutton Place, E9 6EH Repairs to boundary wall between 1 Sutton Place and Churchwell path Listed Building Consent (Raymond Okot)

No objection


2021/2012 1 Sutton Place, E9 6EH Repairs to boundary wall between 1 Sutton Place and Churchwell path. Householder Planning (Raymond Okot)

No objection


2021/2715 House Excluding Basement, 31 Forburg Road, N16 6HP Erection of a rear roof extension together with the installation of rooflights. Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

We object. The Roof extension is party wall to party wall which is against LB Hackney policy. Further they are seeking three rooflights in front slope, which is excessive and against planning advice.


2021/1933 Ground Floor Flat, 43 Filey Avenue, N16 6JL Creation of a front and rear lightwell with access stairs proposed to basement level from the front of the property. Full Planning Permission (Louise Prew)

Minimal information has been supplied making it difficult to make an observation.


2021/2891 Flat A, 121 Osbaldeston Road, N16 6ND Construction of a shed in the back of the rear garden Full Planning Permission (Raymond Okot)

We feel that to call this a shed is a gross misuse of the English language!! It looks like some sort of pavilion which could very easily be turned into living accommodation - It is 5.2 metres deep and full-width across the garden. The ‘Existing Plan’ - ‘grass turf’ has no dimensions – so it is impossible to say how much of the garden would be covered. In the D&A Statement reference is made to ‘Gross internal area of rear extension as 33.1 sq. m. The dimensions on the drawings are 5.2 m x 7.7 m. We make that 40.04 sq. m. we note that there has been a great deal of excavating and building as well as the removal of trees from the back garden. It has had planning permission for certain works – but the volume of work seems out of proportion with the permissions (which we can’t check any more since we’ve lost access to previous planning decisions). The only redeeming feature is that the proposed building will be brick built. We object – and would ask planning officers to check what has already been done.


2021/2647 82 Kyverdale Road, N16 6PL Erection of a rear roof dormer extension and front roof lights Full Planning Permission (Louise Prew)

The extension is not below the ridge line and is the full width of the roof, both of which are against planning policy. We object.


2021/2843 53 Benthal Road, N16 7AR Erection of bike and bin storage in front garden Householder Planning (Louise Prew)

No objection


2021/2508 142 Evering Road, N16 7BD Alterations to the roof comprising 2 x rooflights to front roof slope, 1 x rooflight to rear roof slope and insertion of recessed roof terrace with double doors to rear roof. Full Planning Permission (Danny Huber)

We object, as we feel it is out of sympathy with the rest of the street. We wonder how the accommodation proposed is usable . In particular, the roof terrace seems claustrophobic.


2021/2854 Flat D, 123 Evering Road, N16 7BU Installation of No.6 conservation velux roof lights to the front and rear of the property. Householder Planning (Raymond Okot)

No detailed description of the dimensions of the windows and where they are to be sited has been supplied making it dificult to make an observation. There is a suggestion that the windows might be UPVC which is not appropriate in a conservation area.


2021/1594 21 Darville Road, N16 7PT Proposed mansard extension with rear dormer and mono pitched roof to new front roof slope (not visible from street) Householder Planning (Raymond Okot)

This is a long way away from our conservation areas!


2021/2436 Flat A, 96 Brooke Road, N16 7RT Erection of single storey rear extension at lower ground floor level including associated alterations to rear staircase and openings on rear elevation at lower and upper ground floor levels. Full Planning Permission (Alix Hauser)

No objection

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