Clapton CAAC November 2021

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for November 2021


2021/3016 200 Millfields Road, E5 0AR Erection of a mansard-style roof extension; demolition of existing two storey rear outrigger and erection of a three storey rear extension and a single storey ground floor side extension; elevational alterations Householder Planning [Application Refuse] (Danny Huber)

CAAC objects strongly to this application. The terrace in which no 200 sits has a consistent contiunuous façade, original in form and with nothing protruding above the parapet. The proposed loft extension would introduce a distracting element and break the continuous line of parapet and roof. It may be that the applicant is hoping the higher two end buildings can act as a precedent, but the corner block is markedly distinct in size and style while no 200 has been modified in such a way as no longer to match the remainder of the terrace - having different fenestration and no entrance door. The rear elevation is little more than a series of boxes piled on one another without regard to aesthetics or neighbouring properties.


2021/3201 5 Hogan Way, E5 8RF Replacement of front and rear windows and front door. Full Planning Permission [Application Granted] (James Clark)

This building is not in the Conservation Area and is linked to the wrong map in the case papers. We would draw your attention to the Hackney policy which is resistant to the installation of uPVC windows and doors. We were surprised that the estimated cost of the project was given as £2 million.


2021/3220 90 - 92 Cazenove Road, N16 6AB Erection of part single-storey, part two-storey rear extension over lower and upper ground floor levels; erection of first floor front infill extension Full Planning Permission (Gerard Livett)

Clapton CAAC objects to this application. The owners withdrew an earlier application dated 19/6/21 and have come back with an extended version. Our objection is both to the infilling of the complete garden and the proposed flat-roof construction of no distinction in unsympathetic materials. What is described as an 'extensive green roof' covers a negligible area. The application (Section 12) states that there are six self-contained flats on the first and second floors. The London Plan 2021 states that 'All dwellings should have level access to one or more of the following forms of private outside spaces: a garden, terrace, roof garden, courtyard garden or balcony' [Section 3.6.9/Policy H16]. Clearly no such provision is made in the application. More generally, the loss of garden space should be resisted.


2021/2578 102 Forburg Road, N16 6HT Erection of a full width rear roof dormer extension and a single storey ground floor rear extension; insertion of 3 x roof lights to front roof slopes Householder Planning [Application Refuse] (Danny Huber)

CAAC objects to this application. The elevation shows the extension to be like a Portacabin on the roof. The area of glass and its strong verticality dominate the rear elevation. The extension itself does not sit below the ridge. While veluxes on the front slopes of roofs are generally accceptable, the two proposed here are mismatched in size and seem randomly placed. The proposal is out of sympathy with the host building and with the dominant style of the street.


2021/3216 133 Osbaldeston Road, N16 6ND The amalgamation of two flats to create a 4-bedroom larger family unit; demolition of existing first floor rear extension (and external stairs); excavation at basement level including front and rear lightwell; erection of ground floor rear extension; and replacement first floor rear extension with roof terrace Full Planning Permission [Application Refuse] (Erin Glancy)

The ground floor extension looks like an extension on an extension. The 'Living Room' shwon on drawing OR.133.EX.02 is clearly an infill of the original return. It is against policy to permit an extension on an extension. Similarly, the application to extend the basement further than in the original permission (as explained in DAS para. 8) is another form of 'building creep'. No dimensions are given for the light well - which will take construction beyond the permitted three-metre grant. The further loss of garden should be resisted. We can't see the proposed reopening of the front basement door as described. In the final elevation for the proposal the new looks to dwarf the original, although to its credit the streamlining of the view from the back is an improvement.


2021/2138 37 Norcott Road, N16 7EJ Erection of rear dormer and installation of roof lights to the front and rear roof slopes. Householder Planning (Alix Hauser)

Clapton CAAC has no objection.


2021/2932 Basement Flat, 30 Jenner Road, N16 7SA Variation of of condition 2 (Development not in accordance) of planning permission 2019/3654 dated 09/10/2019. In relation to alterations to approved single storey ground floor rear extension, removal of glass frame side wall and replace with brick work; remove glass roof and replace with rooflights. 3no bi-folding doors at the rear and new window and door to side elevation. Removal/Variation of Condition(s) [Application Granted - Extra Conditions] (Micheal Garvey)

Clapton CAAC has no objection.

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