Clapton CAAC January 2022

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for 20 January 2022


2021/3010 6 Stoke Newington Common, N16 7ET Retention of single storey ground floor side extension and alterations Full Planning Permission (Micheal Garvey)

Under normal circumstances, we would object to this aplication on the grounds that the structure is at odds with the host building. The extension, however, is of such long standing that it is now regarded as integral. We do not object in this one case.


2021/3694 30 Narford Road, E5 8RD Erection of a side and rear extension. Full Planning Permission (Erin Glancy)

Clapton CAAC objects to this application. A six-metre extension in a Conservation Area is contary to guidance. Beyond the six metre depth is added a light well further reducing the garden to below 50% of its original area. The sedum roof is weak compensation for the loss of actual garden.


2021/3643 Park Office Chatsworth Road, E5 9QT Proposal to remove existing buildings from the site and to provide new office facilities for park depot staff, and provide new storage facilities. Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

Clapton CAAC has no objection to this application. It will, in fact, improve the site.


2021/3651 101 Osbaldeston Road, N16 6NP Erection of rear dormer roof extension. Householder Planning (Erin Glancy)

Clapton CAAC has no objection to this application.


2021/3720 106 Osbaldeston Road, N16 6NL Erection of a rear dormer extension and the installation of two rooflights to the front roof slope. Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

We wonder whether the front-slope veluxes are over-large. Otherwise we have no objection.


2021/3685 112a Osbaldeston Road, N16 6NJ Erection of a ground floor, single-storey rear side-return extension together with the construction of a rear roof extension, a hip to gable roof extension, installation of rooflights, the creation of front and rear lightwells and the erection of an outbuilding. Householder Planning (James Clark)

Clapton CAAC objects to this application. The plans themselves have no dimensions making them impossible properly to assess. The sense is of trying to cram as much into the available space as possible without regard to the form of the host building. As the end of the terrace, the sloping roof is an important and elegant terminal point which its replacment with a right-angled box would spoil - as would the loss of the chimney stack. Three veluxes on the front slope is one too many. The building has already been extended and we suspect that the proposals would take the rear of the house beyond the three-metre line of the Guidance. What little of the garden is left is further reduced by the outbuilding. This has the appearnce of a Portakabin. It would be an eyesore to neighbours.


2021/3724 Wyles House Prodigal Square, E8 1FU Application for new metal railings to be installed above an existing, Grade II listed, boundary wall separating the Hackney Gardens development and St John at Hackney Churchyard Gardens. Full Planning Permission (Timothy Walder)

Clapton CAAC regards the proposed railings as a fine, sympathetic addition to the approach to the churchyard.

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