Clapton CAAC July 2023

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for 20 July 2023


2023/1031 Olive School, 2 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0PD Installation of 2x non-illuminated signs across front elevation of no. 32 St John's Church Road; Installation of 1x non-illuminated sign across front elevation of nos 2-4 Lower Clapton Road Advertisement Consent (Thomas Russell)

We do not object to the specific plans, but with caveats over the detail of the signage. Design and positioning of signage looks appropriate. It is not possible to discern if the proposed information on the signage will be in line with Planning Inspectorate ‘Operational Plan’ recommendations. I.e. Pupils from different year groups accessing via different entrances (i.e. KS2 via front entrance, other year groups via St Johns Road).We believe that this information is reflected in the current signage. It is important that the new signage also reflects these messages and that, of course, they are followed.


2023/1104 Olive School, 2 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0PD Installation of new signage along the front elevation of 32 St John's Church Road and 2-4 Clapton Road; alterations to the design of the front door and alterations to the fenestrations of 32 St John's Church Road; increase in size of sloped access Listed Building Consent (Thomas Russell)

PowerPoint Presentation We do not object to the specific plans, but with caveats over the detail of the signage (as above) and wider concerns about the enforcement of traffic and parking. Improved access to 32 St Johns Road appears sensible and relatively minor. Timber like for like replacement is welcomed. We note the seeming lack of enforcement of Operational Plan measures around parking and traffic


2023/1200 5 Clapton Passage, E5 8HS Basement extension with associated rear lightwell. Householder Planning (James Clark)

This is out of keeping with other adjoining properties. Comparison other side of the Passage not appropriate. Even at face value there will be issues (e.g. ventilation). The proposed works are unnecessary and frankly not credible. The area well served for both amenities. We have concerns about lack of registration as a HMO


2023/1400 12 Narford Road, E5 8RD Enlargement of existing single door opening to ground floor rear elevation and replace with French doors Householder Planning (Micheal Garvey)

We do not object. A relatively minor change with an acceptable design. Well presented application.


2023/1285 136 Lea Bridge Road, E5 9RB Replacement of the existing single glazed timber sash windows with new timber double glazed window units on the front elevation. (Reconsulted as address was amended) Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

We do not object. Like-for-like timber replacement with enhanced environmental performance is welcomed


2023/1236 108 Forburg Road, N16 6HT Erection of first floor extension Householder Planning (Jonathan Bainbridge)

We believe the property is adjacent to the Conservation Area. We offer no comment.


2023/1054 55 Chardmore Road, N16 6JA Joint application for a first-floor rear extension spanning the rear elevations of nos 55 & 57 Chardmore Road; Alterations to the front door at no 57 Full Planning Permission (Thomas Russell)

Proposed design is not sympathetic to the character of the CA to the point of being harmful. uPVC window fittings are clearly unacceptable, especially for the frontage. It’s not acceptable to point to the poor practice elsewhere on the Road as a justification for further poor practice. We object.


2023/1475 143 Evering Road, N16 7BL Erection of a rear dormer roof extension, the insertion of a skylight on the side and front roof slope, and insertion of windows at lower ground level Full Planning Permission (Jonathan Bainbridge)

We do not object. Scale and proportion of external aspects of the proposed development seem acceptable. But there is a broader concern about the lived experience of residents from increased density of occupation.


2023/0301 49 Northwold Road, N16 7DH Excavation of basement and formation of front and rear light-wells to facilitate use of basement as a 2 bed flat (Use Class C3); erection of cycle and refuse storage; alterations to landscaping and boundary treatment Full Planning Permission (Danny Huber)

No objection. The size of the development appears adequate. Thought has gone into design elements and the stated materials. However, we note that the DAS is contradictory on if the development is for 1 or 2 bedrooms. Potential issue with light?


2023/1026 10 Fountayne Road, N16 7DX Proposed works: The demolition of the existing rear conservatory; the demolition of the existing outrigger; the erection of a rear extension at ground floor; the replacement of all windows on the front and rear elevations.; and associated works. Householder Planning (Jessica Neeve)

However, we are concerned about the suitability of fibre glass as a material given its non-traditional nature. No objection.


2023/1264 45 Fountayne Road, N16 7ED Excavation and extension of the existing basement, erection of a glazed lightwell enclosure to the rear Householder Planning (Danny Huber)

PowerPoint Presentation We note that the application has been resubmitted with no changes from the original refused application. Although we note the Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Arboricultural Method Statement we restate our concerns about excessive footprint from a character perspective. We object.

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