Stoke Newington CAAC March 2023

Planning Applications for Stoke Newington CAAC meeting for 1 March 2023


2023/0057 3 Listria Park, N16 5SW Erection of a rear ground floor extension Householder Planning (Danny Huber)

SN-CAAC have no comment


2023/0385 8 Winston Road, N16 9LT Proposed erection of mansard design roof extension together with associated works. Householder Planning (James Clark)

SN-CAAC have no comment


2023/0336 14 Digby Crescent, N4 2HR Proposed ground floor single-storey rear extension, and creation of a rear Juliette balcony with balustrade at first-floor level. Householder Planning (Erin Glancy)

SN-CAAC have no objection noting that matters of overlooking are for the neighbours and Planning


2023/0476 14 Digby Crescent, N4 2HR Proposed ground floor single-storey rear extension, and creation of a rear terrace with balustrade at first-floor level. Householder Planning (Erin Glancy)

SN-CAAC have no objection . The terrace with balustrade again are matters for the neighbours and Planning


2023/0159 Arsenal Tavern, The Arsenal Tavern, 175 Blackstock Road, N4 2JS Display of externally illuminated fascia letter signs Advertisement Consent (Raymond Okot)

SN-CAAC have no objection


2023/0379 44 Finsbury Park Road, N4 2JX Erection of a front dormer roof extension to front roof slope Householder Planning (Micheal Garvey)

SN-CAAC object to the front dormer. It is inappropriate to the Finsbury Park Road style of house. Although some front dormers are present done before the CA, new ones should not be permitted.


2023/0361 44 Finsbury Park Road, N4 2JX Partial demolition of existing ground floor rear extension and erection of a part single and part two storey rear extension and erection of rear dormer window. Replace front entrance canopy, with new canopy; new front roof lights; new timber windows to first floor front and rear; new slate roof to front bay window; removal of rear render and replace with brick; alterations to front boundary and removal of side chimney Householder Planning (Micheal Garvey)

SN-CAAC make no objection to the work at the rear of the house but do object to the replacement front porch canopy. Finsbury Park Road houses have interesting canopies, many with surviving supporting carved wood trim and circle features. The proposed porch canopy and its support make no attempt echo the street style. A replica porch should be installed.


2022/2307 18 Wilberforce Road, Hackney Proposed change of use of existing residential accommodation homeless hostel to hotel including self catering accommodation (Class C1). Full Planning Permission (Erin Glancy)

SN-CAAC note that these three properties have a large influence on the appearance of the north section of Wilberforce Road. These linked properties have had a chequered history and in recent years have become very run down and the cause of considerable neighbourhood and inhabitant distress (drug dealing, violence, prostitution etc) . Current scaffolding across all three buildings to full building height, along with residents being advised informally of a 3-4 month refurbishment programme, indicate a welcome comprehensive programme of refurbishment works. Key concerns, given the lack of detail in the application, would be as listed below.

Ensuring the preservation of building frontage in line with Conservation Area aims for the street. In particular seeking evidence that any works to the windows comply with Conservation Area guidelines, that any external redecoration is in line with Conservation Area guidelines (18 and 20 and currently painted cream, 22 is native brickwork) and if any external signage is proposed (none seems to be currently indicated) that an appropriate application is submitted and approved.

Clarifying exactly proposed car and cycle parking proposals (… ‘it is considered that the existing parking spaces on the premises are sufficient for the proposed use and its location’ ..and .. ‘Proposed development would not have a detrimental impact onto the neighbouring amenities in respect to daylight, sunlight, privacy or overlooking’). Currently gardens across the 3 properties have been linked and asphalted over creating a significant parking area which if fully allocated over to parking (possibly a maximum capacity of 20 spaces) would be extremely detrimental to adjoining and adjacent residents. Approximately 18-20 households (flats and single dwelling houses) overlook or adjoin this area. We would anticipate significant noise and light pollution associated with parking visitors coming and going at all hours. Given that the properties are opposite public parking facilities perhaps the impact of significant on-site parking in what are effectively the back gardens of the properties should be closely considered.

Explicit conditions associated with any planning approvals in relation to the above might be helpful in ensuring that these properties do achieve the aspirations laid down in the Design and Access Statement .. ‘ is considered that the new C1 Hotel Use Class .. will create a much more controlled environment, would minimise the impact that its use will have into the neighbourhood in respect to noise and disturbance’. On this basis change of use to CI Hotel Use Class is supported by SN-CAAC

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