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The Hackney Society newsletter

Spaces is a quarterly newsletter produced by the Hackney Society for its members. Back issues can be purchased by non-members. Spaces covers planning and historic building issues in the borough. It also covers topical issues, forthcoming events, building watch and updates on Hackney Society projects and events.

Prior to Spaces, between 1987 and 1991, The Hackney Society produced a series of newsletters, focusing on a range of issues. Some of these are available direct from the Society. For more details click here.



Spaces 83 (4057k)
Frampton Park Estate, Benyon Estate, Historic buildings and climate change

Spaces 82 (213k)
Woodberry Down regeneration; Dalston Kingsland proposals;

Spaces 81 (201k)
Agapemonite Church; Sutton House revisited; The Elderfield Pub

Spaces 80 (239k)
195 Mare Street; Shoreditch Church; Ash Grove Bus Garage

Spaces 79 (142k)
Abney Park special edition

Spaces 78 (273k)
Yorkton Workshops, Clapton Portico, Alexander Baron's memoirs, Hackney Revealed festival

Spaces 77 (230k)
Windrush Sculptures, Britannia Project, Stamford Hill Area Action Plan revisited, Hackney Central Plan

Spaces 76 (184k)
Hackney Bridge, Stamford Hill Area Action Plan, Vincent Stops - Planning Committee, Holborn Studios revisited, The Peace Mural

Spaces 75 (388k)
The Mole House; Hackney Peace Mural; Trustees Needed

Spaces 74 (380k)
The Library House; Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

Spaces 73 (288k)
St Mary's Centre; Christchurch Estate; The Laburnum Mosaics and the Legacy of Freeform Arts in Hackney; CAAC Volunteers Wanted

Spaces 72 (230k)
Three Rooms Under a New Roof; Morning Lane People's Space; 96, 98 and 98a Clapton Common; Beecholme Estate; Hackney Design Awards 2020; Women from Hackney's History

Spaces 71 (185k)
6 Broadway Market Mews; Buildings at Risk: 98 Clapton Common; Phase 3 Woodberry Down; Central and South Hackney CAAC

Spaces 70 (390k)
PEER Gallery; Buildings at Risk: The Clapton Portico; Statue of Sir Robert Geffrye

Spaces 69 (242k)
Wrong House; Buildings at Risk: St James the Great; Holborn Studios; Openness and its Collective Value; East London Line

Spaces 68 (441k)
Pitwell Mews; Mind the Gap; Buildings at Risk: The Tin Tabernacle; Book Review

Spaces 67 (346k)
Kings Crescent Estate; Buildings at Risk: St Columba Church; St John at Hackney

Spaces 66 (233k)
De Beauvoir Block; New Gravel Pit Burial Ground; London's Anatomy; Bohemia Place

Spaces 65 (313k)
146A Rushmore Road; Buildings at Risk: 195 Mare Street; Hackney Disinfecting Station; Green Spaces Walks

Spaces 64 (263k)
Hackney Town Hall; Hackney Design Awards 2018; Holborn Studios; Talks at the Tower; Pitcairn House

Spaces 63 (263k)
Black Stone House; Building Watch - St John's Churchyard, Boris Building

Spaces 62 (397k)
Garden House; Hackney Characterisation Study; Picture from a Portrait: Broad Street Nocturne; Toynbee Hall

Spaces 61 (288k)
Hackney Wick Station; Hackney Wick; Picture from a Portrait: Demonstrators calling for an inquiry into the death of Colin Roach

Spaces 60 (194k)
Woodberry Wetlands; 50 Years of SPACE; Small Sites; Picture from a Portrait: Stoke Newington West Reservoir

Spaces 59 (312k)
Vex; Holborn Studios; Picture from a Portrait: Bums Poster; Lower Clapton

Spaces 58 (430k)
Grange Hall; Whither Shoreditch? Picture from a Portrait: Hackney Wick Stadium

Spaces 57 (265k)
55A Kyverdale Road; Swifts; A Hackney Autobiography; Heart of Hackney

Spaces 56 (271k)
The Makers House; A Tale of Two Basements; When is Reproduction Good Conservation?; Champion for Hackney Heritage

Spaces 55 (337k)
The Cube Building; Hackney Central Masterplan; Hackney Design Awards 2016

Spaces 54 (442k)
Barretts Grove; Amhurst Road Rescue Home; Hackney Design Awards 2016; 200 Years of Methodism in Stoke Newington; People's History of Lower Clapton

Issue 53 (298k)
Corten Extension London Fields; Building Watch - Hackney Fashion Hub, 195 Mare St, All a Fa├žade, Former Hackney Police Station; Derek Baker 1936-2016

Spaces 52 (6714k)
Blackbox: Building Watch - Hackney Pubs, Bishopsgate Goodsyard; Lower Clapton's Heritage, Castle Cinema; Hackney CAACs

Spaces 51 (707k)
Passivhaus; Building Watch - A Tale of Two City Buildings, Holborn Studios; Hackney's Pillories

Spaces 50 (1089k)
St Mary of Eton; 197 Mare Street; Hindle House War Memorial Project; The Boundary

Spaces 49 (665k)
Church Walk; Building Watch - Haggerston Baths; Amhurst Road: Gibbons Department Store

Spaces 48 (448k)
Writer's Shed; Building Watch: Old Street/City Road, Old Schoolhouse; Dalston Conservation Area

Spaces 47 (465k)
Clonbrock Road; Building Watch: Dalston Lane, Wilmer Place, 195 Mare Street; Sponsored Walk; Hackney Design Awards; Review of 'The Hackney Scout Song Book'

Spaces 46 (437k)
Curtain Road; Building Watch - Dalston Lane, Bishopsgate Goodsyard, Chesham Arms, Leyton Marsh; Hindle House War Memorial Project

Spaces 45 (218k)
Pond House; Hackney Design Awards; Building Watch - Saving Dalston Lane, Wilmer Place, Northchurch Road

Spaces 44 (2048k)
The Urswick School; Building Watch - An authorised vandalism?, Wilmer Place, 195 Mare Street; Rarely Seen Hackney Murals.

Spaces 43 (251k)
The Gingerbread House; Poor Hackney Central; Regeneration and Planning in Dalston; Building Watch - 195 Mare St, Haggerston Baths.

Spaces 42 (155k)
Bridport House; Building Watch - QECH, 195 Mare Street, Old Schoolhouse, Wilmer Place; Trustees for HHBT

Spaces 41 (230k)
Woodberry Down; Chats Palace; Building Watch - Geffrye Museum, Dalston Development, Chesham Arms

Spaces 40 (3723k)
Tramshed; Building Watch - St Mary's Lodge, St-John-at-Hackney; Pickwick Bicycle Club; Abney Park Cemetery

Spaces 39 (455k)
Haggerston School Refurbishment; Love Local Landmarks; 2012 Hackney Design Awards; Building Watch - Chesham Arms, Holborn Studios, Dalston Development, Pond House

Spaces 38 (699k)
Matchmakers Wharf Studios; Building Watch - Developing Hackney, A Building Worth Fighting For (Queen Elizabeth Children's Hospital); Harold Pinter Plaque; Review of 'The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London's Olympic State'; Haggerston Routes; Open Letter to Hackney Society Members

Spaces 37 (2381k)
Telling the Truth through False Teeth; Building Watch - Leyton Marsh, 86-100 Mare Street, Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Review of 'Acquired for Development By ... A Hackney Anthology'

Issue 36 (378k)
Clapton Girls' Academy; Building Watch - Corsham Street, Clapton Cinematograph Theatre, London Fields; Lea Bridge River Heritage Centre

Issue 35 (400k)
Hackney Service Centre; Building Watch - Churches at Risk, Wenlock Arms, Pembury Estate; Love Local Landmarks

Issue 34 (338k)
39 Parkholme Road; Building Watch - The Lee Valley, Upper Clapton United Reformed Church

Issue 33 (314k) (314k)
Bateman's Row; Building Watch - Pond House, Haggerston Baths; Entertainment in Hackney - Hackney Empire

Issue 31-32 (1262k)
Eastern Curve; Where shall we all live?; Chatsworth Road Neighbourhood Plan; Building Watch - The George, Clissold Park; Love Local Landmarks; Entertainment in Hackney - Rio Cinema, Hackney Picturehouse, Arcola Theatre, Clapton Arts Trust, Clowns Church; 2010 Hackney Design Awards

Issue 29-30 (4243k)
Shoreditch Rooms; Tea Building and White Swan; From Dalston to Shoreditch; New Lansdowne Club; Hackney Design Awards; Ship Aground; LBH Training Centre; Review of 'The Green Guide for Historic Buildings'

Issue 28 (572k) (569k)
Lauriston Primary School; Building Watch - LBH Training Centre for Adults, Ship Aground PH; Anna Barbauld

Issue 25-27 (3613k)
The City Academy; From Fever to Consumption; St Leonard's Hospital; The Mothers' Hospital; Ivy House; Hackney Hospital; John Scott Health Centre; New Lansdowne Club

Issue 24 (280k)
Shoreditch Prototype House; Manor Garden Allotments; Building Watch - Clapton Square, Haggerston Baths, Pond House

Issue 23 (277k)
Adelaide Wharf; Restoration of Clapton Library; Boundary; Hackney Design Awards; Building Watch - Light Bar, Clapton Cinematograph Theatre, St Mary's Lodge, Clarence Mews

Issue 22 (174k)
Bridge Academy; From Fever to Consumption; West Hackney Recreation Ground; London Fields Lido; St Augustine's Tower; Building Watch - Tram Depot

Issue 21 (268k)
Clapton Cinematograph; Woodberry Down Estate; CLR James Library; Discover Hackney's Heritage; Modern, Restored, Forgotten, Ignored; Building Watch - Dalston Lane

Issue 20 (473k)
M-hotel; Urban Design and Conservation News; Park Buildings; Healthcare in Hackney; Tree Watch - Planners versus Trees

Issue 18/19 (2177k)
Rivington Place, Swimming in Hackney, Buried by the Blitz, Children's Centres, Building Watch - Clapton

Issue 17 (2043k)
Greenwood Road, Discovering Loddiges, Shoreditch Town Hall, Building watch - Central and South Hackney

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