Walk #4 Shoreditch & Hoxton

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Walk 4

Shoreditch & Hoxton

Duration: 2 hours

Shoreditch is an ancient London parish and Hoxton was a hamlet just outside the City walls. From the new London Bridge the Romans drove a road due North to their legionary fortress at Lincoln – Shoreditch High Street and Kingsland Road follow the line of Ermine Street – and another marched across the fields outside the city wall towards Colchester. They crossed at Shoreditch, just North of what became the Bishop's Gate. There has been a village here ever since.

We are suggesting a circular walk from the cross­ roads at Shoreditch Church, through the old village of Hoxton and back by Kingsland Road. As you will see from the map, you can choose when you reach Hoxton Street (20) to return straight to the Town Hall in Old Street. The whole walk, taken gently, should take about two hours.

This and four other walks are available in print from this website.

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With thanks to London Borough of Hackney Conservation Group and Archives Section and the Hoxton Trust for permission to use old plans and drawings.

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