Hoxton - Architecture And History Over Five Centuries

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Christopher Miele

In his monumental Life and Labour of the People of London(1889-90), Charles Booth characterised Hoxton as one of the most 'crime ridden and pestilential areas of the Metropolis'. Petty thieves and pickpockets were said to thrive in its airless courts, and infant mortality there was among the highest in the nation. These unpleasant realities have tended to overshadow the area's complex and varied history.

Only the meandering line of Hoxton Street itself and a scattering of historic buildings which survived the rebuilding of the area in the 1960s remain to tell the story.

This study fills those gaps in the area's historic environment that have been left by post- war clearances, tracing Hoxton's development from medieval times to the early decades of this century.

1993 | 44pp | £4.00 (members £2.80) | ISBN 0 9506558 8 0

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