INSTALLATION in Dalston 10-15 May 2011

Blending sci-fi and climate change themes, this installation invites the audience to explore Bunker PLC, the corporation of the future, set in the unique surroundings of a real-life World War II bunker venue in Dalston.

Inspired by a report issued for the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, this piece focuses on daily working life of a not too distant future. Through the use of sensory interaction and audiovisual effects, Bunker PLC offers a glimpse into the working context of 2031. Equipped with a torch and waterproofs for shoes, audience members embark on their own journey through this space. They are introduced to the mythology of Bunker PLC and various scenarios of humankind’s controlling of the natural world – from Weather Modification Police to vertical farming and the development of genetics.

Bunker PLC deals with the daily conditions of our lives in just 20 years’ time, focusing on links between ourselves and the world around us, questioning our vision of the future while also offering an optimistic view on how we can deal with current environmental challenges.

The audience will be taken around in small groups and the whole experience will last approximately 45 minutes.


10–13 May 19:00, 20:30

14–15 May 16:00, 17:30, 19:00, 20:30


Dalston Bunker @ Abbott Street, London, E8 3DP

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