Stoke Newington CAAC July 2018

Planning Applications for Stoke Newington CAAC Monday 9 July 2018


2018/1363 West Hackney House 15 Northwold Road N16 7HJ Revision of the secondary glazing panel horizontal sliding unit installed. (Jeni Cowan 020 8356 1371)

Whilst there is evidently not enough detail for an associated Listed Building Application, in principle we have no objection to the proposal.

We note the application is outside the Conservation Area and offer our comments, nonetheless.


2018/2257 30 Queen Elizabeths Walk N16 0HX Joint application for replacement windows and rear door to two residential units (Nick Bovaird 0208 356 8291)

We object to the replacement of the rear window with PVC and in particular the sash windows where the change in appearnace will be most notable. We note much of the rear elevation is clearly visible from the public realm.


2018/2161 238 Albion Road N16 9JP Construction of a mansard roof extension; alterations to the rear elevation (windows); installation of external stair (following removal of existing stair). (Saskia Wilson 020 8356 1804)

We have no objection to the proposals provided the mansard is no larger than those at nos 242 & 244.


2018/2304 202 Green Lanes N4 2EY Conversion of dwelinghouse to provide 5no. self-contained residential properties, including the conversion of the existing outbuilding to be used as part of the dwellinghouse; exaction of front and side/rear lightwells; excavation of the existing lower ground floor level to increase floor to ceiling heights; addition of two side rooflights and one front rooflight as well as a large rooflight over internal stairs; alterations to existing fenestration at the side elevation; introduction of gate to side boundary wall to Lordship Park; and associated change of front elevation window to a double-glazed timber sash window. For the purposes of consultation only, the proposed accommodation comprises 2No. one bed units and 3No. three bed units (Saskia Wilson 020 8356 1804)

We note this is an improvement on previous submission (2017/4782), however the proposal raises new questions of detailing which should be secured by condition or before approval. Specifically:

1. The existing conservatory appears to be retained which we think is impractical - not least for building regulation compliance and suggest a rebuilt likeness in timber would be acceptable subject to details.

2. The timber-framed openable smoke extractor is unlikley to match the existing frames - further drawings should be obtained.


2018/2318 Basement And Ground Floor 129 Stoke Newington High Street N16 0PH Proposed use of ground floor and garden area as restaurant (Use Class A3), with proposed opening hours 10:00-00:00 (midnight) Monday to Thursday, 10:00-01:00am Friday to Saturday, and 12:00-00:00 (midnight) on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The proposed hours of use for the garden are 10:00-09:00pm Monday to Thursday, 10:00-09:00pm Friday to Saturday, and 12:00-09:00pm Sundays and Bank Holidays. (Saskia Wilson 020 8356 1804)

We object to the application as the proposed use puts at risk the continued residential character of both the adjacent residential street and the flats above the High St shops.


2018/1599 Excluding Basement 6 Lordship Park N16 5UD Replacement and extension of existing rear extension. (Saskia Wilson 020 8356 1804)

We object to the proposal. The existing extension, albeit of limited quality, has its large volume mitigated by its sloping roof. The proposed replacement is larger and of a more prominent form and represents an overbearing addition ot the host building.


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