Stoke Newington CAAC July 2021

Planning Applications for Stoke Newington CAAC meeting for 12 July 2021


2021/1596 14 Wilberforce Road, N4 2SW Construction of a side dormer (retrospective) Full Planning Permission (Claire Moore)

A side dormer should not be permitted. This application is disrespectful to the conservation area and degrades the uniformity of the Wilberforce Road roof line. We note that this application is retrospective and understand that enforcement action has begun. The developer had amble warning both of the CA and the problem with the side dormer.


2021/1781 119 Dynevor Road, N16 0DA Erection of a single storey ground rear extension. Householder Planning (Raymond Okot)

No objection. We note however the unfortunate loss of 35% of the garden.


2021/1868 4 Bouverie Road, N16 0AJ Proposed demolition of existing ground floor rear outrigger extension to build new deeper extension with roof terrace and access door from first floor rear bedroom Householder Planning (Gerard Livett)

No objection but we wish to flag the overlooking window said to be a store room in adjacent building. Will it remain a storeroom?


2021/1891 3a Lordship Road, N16 0PP Erection of a single-storey rear extension at ground floor level Householder Planning (Gerard Livett)

No objection


2020/3507 Land At Wilmer Place, N16 0BJ Erection of a building of up to four storeys comprising 30 residential units (Use Class C3); and associated development including a landscaped courtyard, living roofs, car parking spaces and cycle and refuse stores. (For consultation purposes: This reconsultation is to highlight amended information in respect of the financial viability of the proposed scheme) (ALSO, FOR CONSULTATION PURPOSES: THIS IS A NEW APPLICATION SUBMITTED DUE TO I.T. ISSUES EXPERIENCED BY THE COUNCIL. COMMENTS SUBMITTED ON PREVIOUS APPLICATION/S CANNOT BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION). Full Planning Permission (Nick Bovaird)

our previous comment was: 2020/3570 We resubmit our comments on 2020/1462 Land at Wilmer Place N16 0BJ from July 2020 We support the submission of the Hackney Society Planning Group. In particular we identify the design improvements and recognize they need to be carefully implemented. We also lament the eradication of all light industrial and commercial uses on the site and recognise the value they once had to the local economy and in balancing the disbenefits of building so closely to the Abney Park Cemetery boundary.


2021/1458 97 Dynevor Road, N16 0DA Excavation of basement and creation of front and rear lightwells. Householder Planning [Application Granted - Extra Conditions] (Alix Hauser)

our previous comment (June 2021) No objection in regard to effect on CA but we note overdevelopment


2021/1743 28 Lordship Park, N16 5UD Metal clad rear dormer and rooflight in rear slope to replace existing rooflights. Householder Planning (Kim Aukett)

It is hard to deal with this application in isolation when it is part of a larger project - a further application for works to the rear has been submitted. The plans and pictures indicate multiple occupation at present and the aim of the project is said to "formalise its original planning use as a single house". The proposed plans show some 6 bathrooms and a number of kitchens. Is this a careless leftover from "existing" or an indication of planned HMO or multi-flat use? No objection to the proposed dormer and roof light.

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