Stoke Newington CAAC February 2022

Planning Applications for Stoke Newington CAAC meeting for 14 February 2022


2022/0014 12 Stamford Hill, N16 6XZ Retention of a Modified; Ground floor single storey rear extension. Full Planning Permission (Erin Glancy)

SN-CAAC have no objection


2021/3635 49 Sydner Road, N16 7UF Proposed front and rear mansard loft conversion to the main roof with 2 dormer windows to the front and 2 to the rear. Householder Planning (Jonathan Bainbridge)

Not within remit of SN-CAAC but we would comment that the acceptability of the mansard roof really depends on what has been done in the road and particularly the neighbouring houses.


2021/3746 46 Fairholt Road, N16 5HW Construction of a single storey, ground floor, rear extension. Householder Planning (James Clark)

SN-CAAC cannot comment as no plans are provided


2021/2881 6-12 Manor Road, N16 5SA Demolition of existing buildings and erection of part 3-storey, part 4-storey, part 5-storey, part 6-storey building with partial basement providing 35no. self-contained residential units and 709.4m2 commercial floorspace falling within Use Class E together with associated landscaping, waste and cycle storage For the purposes of consultation only, the proposed residential accommodation comprises 5no. one beds, 4no. two beds, 20no. three beds and 6no. four beds Full Planning Permission (Catherine Slade)

This is without the remit of SN-CAAC but we feel comment is justified. We would regret the loss of an interesting and historic street scape. The buildings from 12 to the snooker club building are varied and pleasant. The removal of 12 leaving 14 will damage the appearance of the west run of Manor Road. The loss of industrial buildings at the rear is undesirable as it erodes the industrial heritage of the area. The plans are disappointing. The proposed development is poor in appearance and there is very little amenity space (and no play space) for the families living there. Overall it seems overly dense to the point of being claustrophobic. The street elevation is poor offering much less interest than the present buildings.


2022/0241 79 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0AS Alterations to an existing mansard roof extension including the construction of a rear dormer and repositioning of an existing rooflight Householder Planning (Erin Glancy)

SN-CAAC have no objection


2022/0191 Icarus, 139 Blackstock Road, N4 2JW Installation extract duct at the rear of the site. Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

This is just outside the Brownswood CA. SN-CAAC make no objection but would make the observation that carbon filters need changing: if this is not done then smell becomes a problem. Would it not be better to run the duct up to roof level rather than directing the air flow into back gardens to avoid this possible problem?

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