Shoreditch CAAC July 2020

Planning Applications for Shoreditch CAAC meeting for July 2020


2020/1751 5 - 11 Bethnal Green Road E1 6HS Change of use of 110sqm of ancillary B1 (office) floorspace to create enlarged gym for private members club (sui generis use) at fourth floor level for use as part of Shoreditch House, Ebor Street. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

No objection


2020/1805 Rear of 197-205 City Road EC1V 1JN Erection of single-storey refuse and bicycle store following removal of refrigeration unit. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

No objection


2020/1280 Existing base station Howl at the Moon Public House 178 Hoxton Street N1 5LH Retrospective planning permission for the relocation of 6 no antenna, together with ancillary development thereto. (Abbas Sabir 020 8356 5401)

Objection. The SCAAC objects to the siting of the antennas on the South and West elevations which are clearly visible in the Conservation Area with detrimental impact.


2020/1754 10 Bletsoe Walk N1 7HZ Infill the front porch. Insertion of a door and window to the front of the house. (Raymond Okot 020 8356 8080)

No objection


2020/1663 6a Scawfell Street E2 8NG Erection of single storey roof extension at second floor level to provide additional office (B1 Class) floorspace. (Thomas Bertwistle 020 8356 2532)

We ask that the consultation period be extended given that there are no documents available to view on the Hackney website as of this date.


2020/1726 193-195 City Road EC1V 1JN Conversion of existing 2 bedroom flat at 1st and 2nd floor levels into 1 x 3 bed flat with additional self contained 1 x bed flat at basement and Ground floor level with additional 1 x 2 bed self contained flat at existing 3rd floor level. The entrance to the new 1 x bed flat will be via existing door on Westland Place with the creation of another doorway (by enlarging an existing window) for access to the new 2 bed flat at 3rd floor level. Bicycle and bin stores internally at ground floor level. Change of use from A1 to C3 use relating to area currently used for storage by the shop both at basement and ground floor levels. (Kim Aukett 020 8356 4740)

No objection


2020/1303 55-57 City House Flat 1 (second and third floor) Rivington Street EC2A 3QA Change of use from Class C3 (dwelling house), at second and third floor, to Class B1 (business) (Claire Moore)

No objection


2020/0788 56 Hoxton Square N1 6PB One non-illuminated hanging sign (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

No objection. Please correct however the Details Page of the Hackney Planning website which shows this application registered 01-07-2020 with comments until 30-06-20.


2020/1850 1-3 Mundy Street N1 6QT Erection of two-storey extension above the existing roof to provide additional Use Class B1 (office / business) floorspace, external alterations to the elevations of the building and associated works. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

Objection. The SCAAC objected to the previous application on the grounds that "the proposal would considerably extend the volume of the building resulting in loss of historic character for this little street. The townscape will become more of an urban block rather than a small street/alley leading to a historic square. In addition to being detrimental to the scale of the conservation townscape, the proposal overshadows St Monica's Catholic Primary School opposite." As the bulk and massing of the current proposal is unchanged, our objection remains the same. If the extension were to be reduced to one instead of two stories, it might be acceptable.

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