Shoreditch CAAC February 2022

Planning Applications for Shoreditch CAAC meeting for February 2022


2021/3516 89 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3HX Replacement of existing entrance doors together with redecoration of pilasters either side of entrance doors. Full Planning Permission (Erin Glancy)

Object. The original door is more in keeping with the character of the conservation area and the building. The Crittall style windows are not appropriate with the period of the building.


2021/3676 The Stage Land Bounded By Curtain Rd, Hewett St, Great Eastern St, Fairchild Place, Plough Yard & Hearn St, London , EC2A 3LP Construction of a two storey building upon square within the development to accommodate flexible restaurant (Class E (b)) and drinking establishment (Sui Generis) uses, associated works and landscaping. Full Planning Permission (Barry Coughlan)

No objection.


2021/3743 43 Hackney Road, Hackney, Advertisement Consent for the retrospective installation of internally illuminated hanging sign and fascia. Advertisement Consent (Erin Glancy)

Objection to internally illuminated sign as contrary to guidelines. In addition, the size of the protruding and internally illuminated sign is disproportionately large and dominant.


2022/0009 Kayam House, 6 Paul Street, EC2A 4JH Display of 1 non-illuminated fascia sign. Advertisement Consent (Raymond Okot)

No Objection


2022/0087 Quick House, 65 Clifton Street, EC2A 4JE Display of advertisements on construction hoarding including LED strip lighting and 4no LED screens. Advertisement Consent (Barry Coughlan)

Objection. The construction hoarding proposed as advertising panels, creates much visual clutter which will be very dominant due to the illuminated screens.


2022/0098 United Carriage Co, 22 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6PG Change of use of ground floor from Use Class B1(a) to an restaurants and cafes (Use Class A3) including installation of extraction flue on the rear elevation and alterations to the rear fenestration. Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

No objection


2022/0100 Former, 1 Crown Place, EC2A 2BT The installation of an advertisement board over the main front entrance. Advertisement Consent (Jonathan Bainbridge)

No objection


2021/3508 74 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY Submission of details pursuant to condition 23 (Travel Plan) of planning permission 2018/3095 dated 02 May 2019 Discharge of Condition (Nick Bovaird)

No comment


2021/3552 Sheraton House, 118 Curtain Road, EC2A 3PJ Submission of details pursuant to condition 3 (cycle parking) attached to planning permission 2020/3775 dated 11/03/2021. Discharge of Condition (Barry Coughlan)

No comment


2021/3728 12 Penn Street, N1 5DJ Submission of details pursuant to condition 17 (Secure by Design) of planning permission 2017/3393 dated 29/03/2019 Discharge of Condition (Nick Bovaird)

No comment


2022/0040 Eighty Nine And A Half Worship Street, EC2A 2BF Submission of details pursuant to condition 4 (Energy report), attached to planning permission ref: 2021/2743 dated 12/11/ 2021 Discharge of Condition (Micheal Garvey)

No comment


2021/3738 Quick House, 65 Clifton Street, EC2A 4JE Non material amendment to planning permission 2019/0462 in order to undertake the following design changes: - lowering of level 6 parapet datum - realignment of facade at levels 6, 7 & 8 - amended access to terrace at level 9 - amended colour of terracotta cladding on bookends Non-Material Amendment (Barry Coughlan)

No comment

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