Migrate your membership from Standing Order

Thank you for joining by standing order - change to Direct Debit or PayPal

Thank you for renewing your membership in January 2017 by Standing Order.

If you have not renewed by standing order or have cancelled it before your 2017 subs were taken, click here to re-join The Hackney Society.

Whilst Standing Orders have proved useful to The Hackney Society and our members in the past, they are inflexible - particularly when changing subscription levels or changing bank. We have recently changed our bankers to The Co-operative Bank and your standing order should have been transferred automatically.

However, to avoid this in the future and to allow us to review our membership fees for 2018 - which have been at this level for many years - we'd prefer those members who are still on standing orders to move to another method of payment that is more flexible - Direct Debit or PayPal (via credit, debit card, or other options).

Renew via annual Direct Debit (PREFERRED)

Renewing via Direct Debit is quick and simple using GoCardless - simply follow the relevant link below, enter your name, email address and bank details and you're done. You can cancel the direct debit at any time and GoCardless will email you at least 7 days before renewal to give you a chance to review your direct debit. Your first renewal will be in January 2018 and annually thereafter.

This is the simplest and cheapest option for The Hackney Society to manage so is our preferred method.

To renew annually via direct debit for

For other classes of membership, please email us and we'll set you up with the relevant Direct Debit.

Remember to cancel your existing Standing Order. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to use a different postal address for correspondence to the one you entered with GoCarldess.

Renew via annual PayPal - for credit cards, debit cards or other PayPal methods 

To renew in 2018 via PayPal, you will need a PayPal account (which is easy to set up) and can pay by credit, debit card, or bank account that is already linked to your PayPal account or you can use your existing PayPal balance.

Choose the class of membership from the drop-down box below and click 'Subscribe'. You will be given a period of 'free' membership to account for the 2017 fees you paid by Standing Order, then you'll be charged the relevant annual fee in January 2018 and each year thereafter, until you cancel.

Membership categories

Continuing with your standing order

We value your ongoing commitment to The Hackney Society and whilst we'd prefer you to renew by Direct Debit or PayPal, we are happy to continue to receive your membership fees via Standing Order. However we will likely review our membership fees for 2018 and it is possible that your fixed standing order will no longer entitle you to the same level of membership as you currently hold for 2017.

Contact us if you have any queries.


email: membership@hackneysociety.org

This page was added on 21/01/2017.