Dalston CAAC September 2016

Planning Applications for DCAAC meeting September 2016


2016/3012 10-12 Arcola Street, London E8 2DJ

Erection of roof extension at third floor level involving altering hipped roof form to mansard-style roof form with additional height; associated raising of parapets; establishment of additional 1-bed flat
Case officer: Tim Wild

no issues with this.

2016/2323 49A Parkholme Road, London E8 3AQ

Conversion of existing 4-bed dwellinghouse into two 3-bed flats; excavation to create lower ground floor level partially below ground; erection of single-storey side (north) extension at lower ground floor level; establishment of terraces to sides (north and south) at upper ground floor level with surrounding walls/screening; associated alterations to front and side elevations, including windows and doors to front and side and recessed patios to front; raising height of front elevation onto accessway; erection of two replacement rooflight lanterns at greater height and of greater width with clerestory windows
Case officer: Tim Wild

The rooflight lanterns do not need to be taller and wider than existing, they would be more appropriate to the use of this building by being more understated. The proposals may have an unnecessary visual impact on neighbours

2016/2824 7 Sanctuary Mews, 362 Queensbridge Road London E8 3BD

Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission dated 30/06/2016 (2016/1636) for the erection of single storey rear extension and two-storey side extension with replacement fence to the front boundary, namely to reduce the height of the side extension by one storey and alterations to the footprint and height of the single storey rear extension.
Case officer: Louise Smith

no issues with this.

2016/2943 Petchey Academy 1-35 Downs Park Road London E8 2HY
The erection of a single storey building for use as a sports changing room. (Use class D2).
Case officer: James Carleton

This site is next to the St Mark’s Conservation Area. A condition for approval should be a method for protecting trees specified in the Design & Access Statement during construction.



2016/3128 284 Queensbridge Road London E8 3NH

Demolition of existing rear extension and erection of a part-1 and part-2 storey rear extension
Case officer: Toyin Omodara

Previous application 2016/2269 was withdrawn

The proposals involve the loss of a first floor stair window which would cause damage to this listed building. Leaving aside listed building status, in the council’s Residential Extensions and Alterations SPD, Design Principle 3.16 states that “The original windows and door openings of the principal building should be retained where possible”. On this basis the application should be refused.

Regarding other details, more detailed and accurate drawings of the proposed rear extension are needed to properly assess this application – we suggest the applicant is asked to provide this in an amended application.

We note that the applicant was advised by Planning to follow the principles of the approved scheme for 300 Queensbridge Road. There have been several similar applications for this building, not all of which were approved. The Dalston CAAC objected to 2015/4492 (approved). A more recent application 2016/1841 has been refused. Can the case officer clarify the current situation regarding 300 Queensbridge Road?


2016/2783 350 Queensbridge Road London E8 3AR

The retention of an ATM machine
Case officer: James Carleton

The council should enforce the guidance in the Shopfront Design Guide

2016/2808 350 Queensbridge Road London E8 3A

Retention of illuminated facia sign above ATM machine to shopfront
Case officer: James Carleton

The council should enforce the guidance in the Shopfront Design Guide

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