Clapton CAAC October 2020

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for 15 October 2020


2020/2692 10 Lower Clapton Road E5 0PD Conversion of two flats into a single dwelling house. Reinstatement of historical internal partitions at first and second floor. Reinstatement of ceiling at second floor level. Replacement of four non-original roof lights at second floor to two conservation roof lights. (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/2180 40-42 Clarence Road E5 8HB Erection of roof extensions to create an additional storey, two storey rear extensions, installation of external staircases with walkway areas at first and second floor levels and creation of new external access from Clarence Mews to facilitate reconfiguration of existing 2 self-contained dwellings (use class C3) into 4 self-contained dwellings (use class C3) Change of use of ground floor premises from hot food takeaway (use class A5) at no.40 and retail (use class A1) at no.42 to form two 1 bed self-contained dwelling (use class C3), and associated alterations including removal of shopfront and replacement with new windows and front door, and alterations to rear elevation to include new bin/cycle storage. (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/2314 7 Clapton Square E5 8HP "Full planning permission and listed building consent (ref: 2020/2422) for the change of use of the basement storage to create a 2 bedroom residential unit (C3) as well as various internal and external alterations following issue of Enforcement Notices under reference 2018/0139/ENF." (Kelsi Bolstad 020 8356 4160)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/2820 19 Hogan Way E5 8RF Prior approval for erection of an additional storey on a dwellinghouse (with a maximum height of 11.7 metres) (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

The change of form and inceased overlooking and overshadowing will be matters for the neighbours to carefully consider, in this scheme that lies just outside the conservation area.


2020/2569 53 Durlston Road E5 8RP Remove the rear chimney and addition of a new window to the side (Fabian Culican 020 8356 4747)

This application would be improved if the rear chimney stack were retained - as is the established pattern in the terrace where they are largely retained even where roof extesniosn exists.


2020/2826 Ground Floor Flat 5 Reighton Road E5 8SQ Basement excavation and erection of a rear lightwell. (Kelsi Bolstad 020 8356 4160)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/2657 358 Mare Street E8 1HR Erection of a two-storey rear extension with roof addition to provide enlarged residential dwellings on first,second and third flow, new front access from street, new shopfront signage on front and side elevation, blocking up of existing side access (Raymond Okot 020 8356 8080)

The scale and mass are overdelopment which along with the eradication of the detailed form of the existing real elevation, harms the setting of the Grade I Listed St Augustine's Tower. Like the previous submission, the design quality is particulalry poor and perfunctory. In plan, the scheme, with its extended lounge/diners is particulalrly unconvincing and arbitrary.


2020/2363 364 Mare Street E8 1HR Demolition of infill extensions to create courtyard and mixed use redevelopment, providing a part two and part five storey building to create 5 new retail units on ground floor and net 6 additional residential units on upper floors. Alterations to 364 Mare Street including internal reconfiguration and relocation of access to existing residential units and construction of a mansard roof. (Claire Moore)

The application has a lot to commend it and encompasses some fine details and context-appropriate design. The courtyard is particularly welcome. However, some of the CGIs expose a potential over-dominating residential block to the east - which is probably a storey too high.


2020/2378 11B Filey Avenue N16 6JL Demolition of existing lean-to rear extension and construction of a single storey rear extension (Claire Moore)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/2633 133 Osbaldeston Road N16 6ND Removal of existing first floor rear extension (and external stairs) and erection of ground floor rear extension and replacement first floor rear extension (and stairs down to garden) (Kelsi Bolstad 020 8356 4160)

For all the lack of quality in the existing extension (which recently was deemed lawful) that extension benefits from being considerably 'lighter' than the proposal and does not dominate the host building. The proposed scheme is most starkly illustrated in the axonometric view and renders the building as a house with two awkwards and poorly-related additions with no coherence and an over-dominant ground floor extension. In addition the staircase and deck now sit much further into the garden creating considerable harm to neighbouring amenity.


2020/2626 116 Osbaldeston Road N16 6NJ Erection of first floor extension (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The proposal is an inelegant form, which whilst modest in plan is rendered obtrusive by its poor design.


2020/2192 45 Cazenove Road N16 6PA Erection of a ground floor single storey rear extension (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/2181 50 Osbaldeston Road N16 7DR Erection of a 3 storey rear extension; rear & side roof extension; new front rooflight and front turret roof extension above the existing front bay. (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The proposal is crude overdevelopment with a particularly obtrusive and harmful roof side-extension, which is contrary to policy.


2020/2279 103D Evering Road N16 7SL Non material amendment to planning permission 2019/2833 dated 26/09/2019; in relation to adding an additional roof light to front roof slope from 2 to 3 rooflights. (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.



2020/2665 Former St John's Ambulance Site 2A Mildenhall Road E5 0RU Variation to Condition 2 (Approved drawings) of Planning permission 2018/4011 dated 16/07/2019 for the demolition of the existing building and erection of a 4 storey building (plus basement) to accommodate eight residential flats. The effect of the change would be a revised layout while maintaining 8 residential units. (Kim Aukett 020 8356 4740)

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