Clapton CAAC November 2017

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC 16 November 2017


2017/3907 236 Evering Road E5 8AJ Basement, ground, first floor extension together with an additional mansard roof extension, together with minor internal alterations. (Tom Watts 020 8356 1867)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2017/4090 178 Clarence Road E5 8DY Excavation at lower ground floor level and erection of two storey extension to the rear at lower ground and ground floor level with rear lightwell and access stair to provide additional retail floorspace (Class A1). (Louise Smith 0208 356 8061)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2017/4193 42 Clarence Road E5 8HB Change of use of ground floor premises from (retail/A5) to a 1 bed self-contained dwelling (use class C3), and associated alterations (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The Clapton CAAC laments the further erosion of the retail parade. We find the CGI confusing as it does not accurately reflect the drawings. In any event the applicant has not taken the opportunity to design a facade which improves the streetscape and instead proposes leaving it in a sorry state.


2017/4082 and 2017/4099 15 Clapton Square E5 8HP External alterations including removal of cables on front elevation, replacement of front door and other associated changes to the front elevation, replacement and refurbishment of windows, installation of a new window on southern elevation, installation of new stairs into the rear garden including associated changes to the retaining wall as well as internal alterations to lower ground, ground, first, second and third floor levels. (Raymond Okot 020 8356 8080)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2017/3958 Land to the rear of No.13 Clapton Common E5 9AA Erection of part two and part three storey (plus basement) dwelling house on land at rear of 13 Clapton Common and fronting Forburg Road, (Nick Bovaird 0208 356 8291)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2016/1963 73 Clapton Common E5 9AA Re-development of existing site (including demolition of existing building) to build a 3 storey (plus basement) synagogue (Class D1) including associated hard and soft landscaping to the front of the building (Amended Drawings Received). (Louise Smith 0208 356 8061)

The Clapton CAAC has reviewed the additional detail and changes since it's last comments (23 Sep 2016) on the scheme as originally submitted, where significant obstacles and concerns were raised for a site which has great prominence from a large number of vantage points along and across Clapton Common, and which sits adjacent to a statutory listed heritage asset. In this context detailed design is critical and the additional detail and amendment now provided are an improvement, though still lacking.

The revisions are not clearly presented in the new drawings and no revised D&A is provided to explain them. Little effort continues to be afforded to illustrating the context, in particular the adjacent statutory listed terrace and Clapton Common.

The front elevation (NE) is a restrained improvement over the submission scheme, and subject to samples of materials and more precise details of the design, is likely to be acceptable in its own right.

The large flank wall elevation (NW) is also improved overall, but the detailed drawings do not reflect the reality of construction nor how the facade will weather or deal with birds, so more details and samples will need to be supplied an approved before work commences.

The feature elevation (SE) continues to trouble the CAAC, particularly in relation to its setting alongside the listed terrace and the prominence of the proposed synagogue in long views. In particular the issue of light pollution and the additional prominence the proposal gives the elevation are not resolved. It is clear that the applicant is specifically intent on devising a landmark building whose prominence is to be highlighted through both design and lighting but this gives little regard to the appropriateness in this sensitive setting. The CGI (for the earlier iteration) misrepresent the colour and luminescence of the lights and capturing such detail through condition is likely to be difficult. It is possible that a scheme of blinds, whose use in the hours of darkness was conditioned, might be devised - but in any event further details of the lighting scheme - both internally and externally, establishing colour temp and brightness, along with any pollution mitigation - needs to be reserved by condition.

However, taken holistically, three highly visible elevations represent three very different treatments. The lack of any tangible relationship between them or to the immediate built context is troubling and results in an incoherent design that would be an extremely obtrusive form of development.

The development should be car-free, particularly in an area where exceptionally short trips are common and attendant blockages and parking pressures are rife. A well-designed, covered and screened bin store might take the place of the proposed car parking spaces and implementation along with a management plan, could be conditioned and discharged before the use commences. We suggest that a further condition requires that the bike racks be installed as per plans before the site use commences, and for the duration of the use to safeguard the implementation. We fear without such a condition the racks will not be installed and additional ad-hoc car parking will, instead, be created.


2017/4067 and 2017/4072 8 Clapton Terrace E5 9BW External and internal alterations to listed building to include replacement rear fenestration and holes to rear for air vents, flues and pipes and internal subdividing walls to second and third floor flats. (Nick Bovaird 0208 356 8291)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2017/4036 383-385 Mare Street E8 1HY Erection of first and second-floor extensions to provide 3 no. self-contained flats (2 X 1 bed and 1 X 3 bed). Revisions to ground floor rear access from Gould Terrace with the provision of separate entrances to retail and residential units. Associated changes to both front and rear facades including new windows and doors and facade treatment. Provision of living roof and roof lights to the building. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2017/4231 and 2017/4244 387B Mare Street E8 1HY Replacement of two existing air-conditioner units and associated works to the rear facade. (Alix Hauser 020 8356 6377)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2017/4095 6 St Johns Church Road E9 6EJ Erection of a single storey ground floor rear extension (Josh Lawlor 020 8356 1668)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2017/2179 86 Forburg Road N16 6HT Variation of condition 2 (Development in accordance with Plans) attached to planning permission ref 2013/3586 dated 25/02/2014 - Erection of rear ground floor single storey extension and erection of rear roof extension to main roof slope. Reduction in depth of existing rear ground floor single storey extension to back addition/outrigger. The variation would allow a full width basement excavation and addittional lightwells to the rear. (Sissi Yang 02083561352)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2017/4153 9 Stamford Grove East N16 6LS Proposed roof alteration and extension to create habitable loft space in a single family dwelling. (Tom Watts 020 8356 1867)

The Clapton CAAC objects to the proposal in particular in relation to the balcony which harms and invades the streetscape through its form and the highly visible overlooking opportunities it affords.


2017/3984 70 to 78 Oldhill Street N16 6NA Variation of Condition1 (approved drawings) and removal of Condition 10 (Code for Sustainable Homes) of planning permission dated 08/06/2015 (2013/3608) for the demolition of existing buildings and the erection of three storey buildings (plus additional space at roof level) consisting of six shop units on the ground floor with basement storage and eight residential units on first and second floors, (comprising 2 x 3-bed, 1 x 2-bed, and 5 x 1 bed flats) at 70A, 70B, 72, 74, 76, 78 Oldhill Street. Alterations include minor external and internal alterations to commercial and residential elements such as alterations to materials, windows, doors, shopfronts, alteration to flat layouts and communal areas, bin storage, gas metre storage and reduction in basement area. (Louise Smith 0208 356 8061)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal, but in view of ongoing issues with refuse in the area, the occupation of the unit should be conditional upon ensure the bin store doors are left closed and in operable condition at all times, except when the containers are being filled or emptied.


2017/4086 14 Filey Avenue N16 6NT Window replacement and associated external refurbishment works. (Tom Watts 020 8356 1867)

The Clapton CAAC finds the supplied drawings poor in terms of quality and accuracy. In detail, the existing drawings appear to show a prominent box frame visible in elevation - this is unlikely to be an accurate representation of the current frames where the box appears to be recessed within the brickwork and is a detail that must be retained to maintain the classical proportions and visual weight of the timber box sash window frames.


2017/4053 140 Brooke Road N16 7RR Erection of a rear roof dormer and insertion of three rooflights to the front roof slope. (Elliott Doumanis 020 8356 1804)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal provided the number of rooflights to the front roofslope is confined to two, as per para 3.84 of the Residential Extensions and Alterations SPD.


2017/4309 25 Cazenove Road N16 6PA The erection of single storey rear extensions. (Tom Watts 020 8356 1867)

The Clapton CAAC observes that larger homes extensions permitted development rights do not apply in a Conservation Area. Were this same application to be made for Householder Planning Consent we would object on the grounds of it being overdevelopment.


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