Clapton CAAC May 2016

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC Thursday 19 May 2016


2016/1300 1 Stamford Grove East N16 6LS External and internal alterations, refurbishment and reinstatement works to Grade-II Listed Building, including reinstatement of original features and replacement of aluminium and UPVC framed windows to timber-framed, double-glazed sash and casement (Tim Wild)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the broad intentions of the application but shares the detailed concerns raised by the Hackney Society Planning Group.

"The replacement of external joinery with more appropriate type is welcomed. However, the heritage statement, which describes the pair of town houses as ‘cottages’ makes no attempt to identify the significance of the listed property nor the impact of the proposals.

Proposals to replace ‘like for like’ original architraves, skirtings, picture rails, cornices etc. due to their ‘poor condition’ is not acceptable. Loss of detail due to centuries of over painting does not constitute ‘damage’; paint may be carefully stripped from mouldings where detail is lost eg. egg and dart cornice.

Floorboards should be retained and repaired.

Assessment and evidence needs to be provided to support the argument that fitted joinery has no significance and so is to be stripped out. Its ‘poor condition’ (loss of detail through painting) is not sufficient reason for its removal, if it is C19. It is unclear what is wrong with the shutters and housing to the main reception room that would warrant their ‘reinstatement’.

‘Georgian French doors’ are proposed to replace what could be original double doors to the upper ground floor. Further information is required.
An authentically detailed balustrade may not comply with part K.

Pre-commencement conditions should be extensive and only discharged following internal consultant with Hackney’s conservation officer."

2016/1201 8 Kenmure Road E8 1JU Erection of rear roof dormer incorporating three rear windows; and installation of three front rooflights. (Simon Robert)

The rear roof dormer is acceptable but the three front rooflights don't appear to add much benefit to the loft space that couldn't be achieved by increasing the size of the proposed dormer windows, and instead harm the principle elevation. In any event two rooflights is the limit stipulated in the residential extensions SPG.

2016/0812 115 Brooke Road N16 7RJ Excavation of larger basement and associated front lightwells, erection of single storey rear extension at basement level, erection of a rear dormer roof extension with roof terrace; insertion of two roof lights, a window to the side elevation and replacement of window with entrance door; provision of secure cycle parking spaces and refuse storage; to facilitate conversion from two self-contained units into three self-contained units (1x2 bed and 2x3 bed). (Nick Bovaird)

[Not submitted - REFUSED before submission]

Juliette balcony would be fine but this presents a potentially more obtrusive form of development - highly visible and could be used for storage and overlooking.

2016/1078 113 Lower Clapton Road E5 0NP Installation of internally illuminated fascia sign, and internally illuminated hanging sign (Micheal Garvey)

[Not submitted - GRANTED before submission]

Internally illuminated signs are contrary to shopfront design guide and opposite a Grade II* Listed Building.

2016/1168 4 St Johns Church Road E9 6EJ Erection of 6m deep single-storey side infill extension to existing rear projection at ground floor level. (Gerard Livett)

No objection.

2016/0867 23 Kyverdale Road N16 7AB Conversion from single dwellinghouse to four flats (one 3-bed at lower ground floor level and three 2-beds at upper ground floor, first floor and loft/second floor levels); erection of two-storey rear extension at lower and upper ground floor levels; erection of front lightwell incorporating bay window and metal railing surrounds; erection of dormer extension to main rear roof with Juliet balcony; installation of three rooflights to main front roof; removal of front boundary landscaping and establishment of new boundary treatments/landscaping, cycle and refuse storage; erection of associated residential alterations (doors/windows/Juliet balconies) (Tim Wild)

Much of the application is acceptable but the result of the works to the front elevation are confused, cluttered and poorly designed and will harm the setting of the conservation area.

The mix of materials - particularly at the boundary around the bin and bike stores is excessive and together with the positioning will result in a cluttered appearance.

The boundary fence appears to meet the pavement directly on the front elevation but be above block or brickwork on the side elevations - the entire railing should be atop a dwarf wall.

The front elevation has three rooflights - in excess of SPG. The bonnet rooflights are particularly injurious to the setting of the CA.

These detailed design matters should be amended accordingly before granting of permission.

2016/1351 415 Mare Street E8 1HY Change of use from retail unit (Use Class A1) to Cafe/Restaurant (Use Class A3) and installation of an extraction louvre to the rear at ground floor level (Toyin Omodara)

No objection.

2016/0925 18 Jenner Road N16 7SA Change of use and conversion from one 4-bed and one 1-bed supported housing units (C2 use class) to two 2-bed market housing flats (C3a use class); one at basement/ground floor levels and one at first/second floor levels; associated residential alterations and refurbishments, including to windows; alterations to front garden including installation of cycle storage and refuse storage (Tim Wild)

No objection.

2016/1356 165 Brooke Road E5 8AG Erection of mansard roof extension at third floor level incorporating three windows to the front and two windows to the rear of the proposed mansard. Erection of single storey rear extension at ground floor level and associated works. (Sinead Normoyle)

No objection.

2016/1534 Flat A 7 Forburg Road N16 6HP Erection of a single storey rear extenension (sic) as associated works. (Sinead Normoyle)

Whilst we have no objection to the proposal we note the plans are poor in quality and detail and contain no context - even the host building is elided. Such plans should not have been validated.

2016/1195 Flat 1, 4 (No.45) Clapton Terrace E5 9BW Remodelling of rear elevation to provide a part two, part two and a half-storey rear extension at basement and ground floor levels with external staircase to garden; demolition of two existing rear extensions; alterations to rear fenestration; repair of roof; landscaping and subdivision of garden; internal alterations to facilitate the reconfiguration from five residential units to four residential units. [See also Listed Building Consent application 2016/1228] For the purposes of consultation only: The proposed housing mix is 1 x 1-bed, 2 x 2-bed and 1 x 3-bed. (Nick Bovaird)

The property has evidently suffered from considerable neglect. Any original fabric has survived through lack of intervention rather than intention.

Little of significance remains internally and the works pose little or no harm, except the removal of the second floor fitted cupboards which have been identified as significant original joinery.

The house does retain its plan form and external appearance. The radical extant subdivision and harm it has causes to the plan form does not justify the proposed slightly different subdivision that continues to cause harm.

The genesis of the two rear extensions has not been explored but have had the same footprint since c 1870. The proposal demonstrates a desire for a large amount of accommodation, at the cost of the significance of the house. The modern, full width, two storey rear extension conceals the rear main wall, harming original openings and jarring with the gentility of the house, harming its significance.

In the applicant's ‘Conceptual design sequence’ the scale of the approved extension to no. 3 is overstated and there is mere speculation of a likely extension at no. 5. The approved extension to no. 3 is not indicated on the proposal plans but is, in fact, only slightly greater than half width.

Reinstatement of the stair window to the rear, which has been halved at some point, does not warrant an inappropriate ‘flat brick arch head’

Replacement of the 3/6 sash at second floor level to the rear with a new 3/3 introduces an inappropriate Victorian proportion to the glazing;

There is no information on the proposed replacement rear first floor window.

There is no precedent for the 3/3 sash windows to the front basement.

This radical scheme achieves little gain and does lots wrong. A less injurious, (and cheaper) approach would be to undertake minor repairs and continue its current use.


2016/1583 80 Kyverdale Road N16 6PL Erection of a full-width dormer extension installation of two rooflights to front roof slope; and two window to the rear and associated works. (Sinead Normoyle)

As the development proposes changes to the principle elevation (rooflights) in a Conservation Area, and the dormer rises to the ridge, we believe the development would require full permission.

We would recommend refusal of the permission unless the dormer were reduced in height to fall below the ridge.

2016/1349 131-133 Lower Clapton Road E5 0NP Erection of part two-storey, part three-storey, part four-storey building (with basement level below) providing nine residential units (two 3-bed, four 2-bed, one 1-bed and two 1-person studio units); associated refuse and cycle storage; associated balconies; associated green roofs and photovoltaics (Catherine Slade)

The massing, whilst broadly acceptable, is poorly arranged. In particular the floor/ceiling levels are awkward and fail to respect the immediate context. The ground floor should be more generous in height and the roof element substantially less so.

The proposal meets the ground poorly and makes no concessions to the streetscape. The use at the ground floor should be commercial - ideally retail - which along with further detailed plans for lateral sound proofing, would better protect the extant pub use next door.

The second floor should meet the eaves of the adjacent pub and the roof element be redesigned to reduce it's height and be more subservient.

2016/1326 31 Jenner Road N16 7SB Erection of a part one and part two storey rear extension. (James Carleton)

No context is provided on the plans. Once corrected the scheme would be acceptable if the extension extends no further than the neighbours' and if the UPVc windows are replaced with painted timber.

2016/1467 81 Brooke Road N16 7RD Erection of dormer on rear roof slope and installation of two skylights on front roof slope. (James Carleton)

No objection.

2016/1590 Basement and Grd Floor Flat 81 Reighton Road E5 8SQ Erection of a single storey outbuilding in rear garden at ground floor level for ancillary use to the main dwelling. (Sinead Normoyle)

No objection.

2016/1457 1-12 Otley Terrace E5 9RG Demolition of existing terrace and erection of nine (9) townhouses including associated disabled parking, cycle parking, landscaping, private amenity space and refuse storage For the purposes of consultation only: Existing accommodation comprises: twelve (12) x 2-bed houses Proposed accommodation comprises: seven (7) x 3-bed houses and two (2) x 4-bed houses (Catherine Slade)

The approach here is fundamentally wrong.

Whilst the scale of the development is acceptable, the design is chaotic and damages the setting of the CA. There will be no benefit - indeed a net loss of three residential units none of which will trigger policy requiring 50% affordable housing. This is unacceptable.

A demonstrated need for larger units could more appropriately be satisfied by refurbishing and sensitively enlarging the existing building, and which, subject to design, we would support.

2016/1497 70 Brooke Road N16 7RU Removal of Condition 2 (samples) and Variation of Condition 3 (approved plans) of planning permission dated 30 September 2013 for the demolition of the existing garage building and erection of a single storey (plus basement) building to provide 1 x 3 bedroom house; namely, to alter the asesthetic (sic) appearance of the dwelling and to submit samples of the materials proposed. (Louise Smith)

No objection.

2016/1204 20 Clarence Road LONDON E5 8HB Use of property as two self contained residential units (1x2 and 1x3 bedroom) (existing use) (Simon Robert)

No comment.


2016/0836 56 Clarence Road E5 8HB Existing use of the property as 4 residential self-contained flat (Use Class C3) (Raymond Okot)

No comment.


2016/0869 160 Evering Road E5 8AH Submission of details pursuant to Condition 4 (Tree Survey), Condition 5 (Tree Protection Plan), Condition 6 (Soil Investigation), Condition 7 (Images Depicting Finishes for Railing, Basement Bay and Brick Samples), Condition 8 (Hard Soft Landscaping Plan to Front), Condition 9 (Cycle Storage), Condition 10 (Refuse/Recycling) of planning permission 2016/0869 dated 18/06/2015.. (James Carleton)

No comment.


2016/1460 241 Evering Road, E5 8AL Submission of details pursuant to conditions 4 (Scheme of Highway Improvement Works) and 5 (Contamination Information) of planning permission ref. 2014/3644, dated 9/06/2015 (Tim Wild)

No comment.


2016/1225 113 Lower Clapton Road E5 0NP Submission of details pursuant to condstion (sic) 4 ( Details louvre screening) of planning permission 2016/0170 dated 17/03/2016 (Micheal Garvey)

No comment.


2016/0975 Rear of 13 Clapton Common Hackney E5 9AA Submission of details pursuant to conditions 3 (External Materials and Details), 4 (Details of Windows and Doors) and 7 (Green-Brown Roof) attached to planning permission 2015/1008 dated 20/05/2015 (Nick Bovaird)

No comment.


2016/1328 Temple Works Brett Passage Hackney LONDON E8 1JR Details pursuant to condition 4 (Landscaping) attached to planning permission 2015/2534 dated 09/09/2015 for 'Demolition of single storey element and erection of new single storey extension to facilitate change of use of the ground floor (part) to 2 x 2 bed self-contained residential units (use class C3)'. (Gerard Livett)

No comment.


2016/0876 38 Northwold Road E5 8RN Discharge of Conditions 3 (detailed drawings); 6 (samples); 7 (drainage strategy); 9 (cycle parking) of planning permission dated 11/02/2016 for the Erection of 2 x dormers to the rear roof slope, installation of 3 x conservation-style rooflights to the front roof slope; excavation of basement including provision of three rear lightwells; lightwells to the front elevation; erection of part single part two-storey rear extension; replacement of existing single-glazed windows with double-glazed timber windows. Works in association with the conversion of an existing dwellinghouse into 2 x 1 bed, 1 x 2 bed and 1 x 4 bed units (4 seperate residential units) (2015/2864). (Louise Smith)

No comment.


2016/1514 160 Evering Road Hackney LONDON E5 8AH Variation of condition 3 (Lifetime Homes) of planning permission 2015/1118 granted on 18/06/2015. (James Carleton)

No comment.


2016/1302 The German Hospital, 26 Ritson Road, E8 1PF T1 - Maple: Crown lift to 3m; T2 - Maple: Crown lift to 3m; T3 - False Acacia: Crown reduce height/spread by 25%, Crown thin by 15%, Crown lift to 5m including removal of low branches, prune to 2m clearance from property; G1 - Sycamores (neighbouring land) - Prune overhanging growth by 33% to reduce encroachment up to 5-6m height; associated maintenance works (Nick Jacobs)

No comment.


2016/1279 68 Maury Road, N16 7BT Rear garden: Three (3) Sycamores: T1, T2 and T3. Prune and reduce height by approximately 6m, including side brances. Retain selected lower growths (Nick Jacobs)

No comment.


2016/1419 98 Forburg Road Hackney LONDON N16 6HT Removal of Cordyline Australis tree in rear garden. (Nick Jacobs)

No comment.


2016/1084 76a Amhurst Road Hackney E8 1JH Cut back of Ash Tree to rear of property. (Nick Jacobs)

No comment.


2016/1595 124 Evering Road, N16 7BD Front garden: Pseudoacacia - 30% crown volume reduction by thinning (approximately 12% of crown profile) (Nick Jacobs)

No comment.


2016/1428 Round Chapel Arts Centre Round Chapel 1D Glenarm Road Hackney LONDON E5 0LY T1: London Plane - Crown thin 15% T2: London Plane - Reduce spread towards property by 2m to previous spread reduction points. Crown thin by 15% T3: London Plane - Reduce spread towards property by 2m to previous spread reduction points. Crown thin by 15% T4: London Plane- Crown lift over Glenarm Road to 6-7m T5: Crown thin by 15% T6-T7-T8: 3 x London Planes - Reduce spread towards property by 1.5m to previous spread reduction points, Crown thin by 15% & remove deadwood T11: London Plane - Crown thin by 15%, remove deadwood T12: Silver Birch - Crown thin by 15% (Nick Jacobs)

No comment.


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