Clapton CAAC March 2018

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC 15 March 2018


2018/0556 44 Belfast Road N16 6UH Extension and alteration of roof including partial raising of ridge and associated changes to roof slope and insertion of 4No. rooflights to rear roofslope, together with associated external works (resubmission of 2017/4484) (Catherine Slade 020 8356 8056)

Whilst we recognise the unusual roof form is interesting and is part of a unique pair, we note it is somewhat lost in the streetscape and of limited contribution to the Conservation Area. Therefore we have have no objection to the proposal.


2018/0091 Basement Flat 30 Jenner Road N16 7SA Erection of single storey ground floor rear extension and alterations to front yard (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

The Clapton CAAC objects to the proposal. The proposed extension is particularly large - way in excess of guidance, and whilst a frameless glazed box design might mitigate the size, it requires an ultra high-quality execution and level of design detail that is missing from the application.


2018/0242 8 Glenarm Road E5 0LZ Erection of single storey side and rear ground floor extension to wrap around existing three storey outrigger. (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2018/0716 Flat A 67 Geldeston Road E5 8SD Erection of a single storey rear outbuilding ancillary to the host property. (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

There are no document available online for this application so the Clapton CAAC is unable to assess it.


2018/0678 4 Forburg Road N16 6HS Erection of a stair case from the rear of the ground floor level to the half landing level and creation of a new landing. (Elliott Doumanis 020 8356 1804)

The Clapton CAAC objects to the proposal which comprises an unnecessary addition to the building which together with the enlargement of the window to a doorway, are ugly and discordant.


2018/0395 383-385 Mare Street E8 1HY Erection of first and second-floor extensions to provide 3 no. self-contained flats (2 X 1 bed and 1 X 3 bed). Revisions to ground floor rear access from Gould Terrace with the provision of separate entrances to retail and residential units. Associated changes to both front and rear facades including new windows and doors and facade treatment. Provision of living roof and roof lights to the building. [Part Retrosepctive] (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

We had no objection to the previous scheme, and the submitted documents - including application form - appear to be identical to it. However the officer's report for the refused scheme elicits detail on the external material finish that were not apparent from the original application and are no clearer in this case. We are therefore unable to comment as we are clearly missing some information critical for evaluating the application.


2018/0568 125 Lower Clapton Road E5 0NP Upgrade of 1no. 48 sheet illuminated advertising panel to 1 no. 48 sheet digital advertising display unit (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The Clapton CAAC finds the proposed internally illuminated advertising panel likely to be a significantly greater distraction than the current externally illuminated sign. Its installation is contrary to the aim of of the Shopfront Design Guide, which seeks to prevent internal illumination of signage for this reason. Placed as it is, at a prominent position at the entrance to the Conservation Area, we say the panel will detract from, and harm the character of the CA.


2018/0558 Flat A 9 Reighton Road E5 8SQ Excavation of front and rear lightwells; lowered basement floor level to provide ancillary space to ground floor unit; erection of single storey rear extension with roof terrace above and external stair. (Nick Bovaird 0208 356 8291)

The Clapton CAAC objects to the proposal. Removal of the entire front hard standing is both contrary to policy and removes any functional refuse collection area.


2018/0679 52A Clapton Common E5 9AL Proposed dropped kerb & formation of vehicular access and the installation of hardstanding to provide 2no. car-parking spaces. (Patrick O'Connor 020 8356 8293)

The Clapton CAAC objects to the proposal. Removal of boundary alone harms the streetscape, the removal of garden is to be resisted, and the increase in car provision that arises is contrary to policy which promotes more sustainable forms of transport.


2018/0282 Flat C (Ground Floor & Basement Flat) 56 Ickburgh Road E5 8AD Erection of a single storey rear extension and installation of a new rooflight on the rear elevation (Simon Chitre 020 8356 1445)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal, though we find the drawing set difficult to read and confusingly named. A small 3D view would have helped immensely with understanding the roof form and its effect.


2018/0366 28 Powell Road E5 8DJ Non-material amendment to planning permission 2016/0901 dated 07/04/2017 to make the following amendments: -Provision of canopies to entrances -Change from glazed balustrades to metal railings -Modification of rainwater drainage pipes -Alteration to 'Kidzmania' entrance detailing -Modification to ground floor terraces and boundary detailing -Introduction of terrace at second floor level -Alteration to window proportions and detailing -Alteration to third floor level design detail and cladding material (Toyin Omodara 0208 356 8095)

The Clapton CAAC objects to the proposal. What vestiges of elegance the consented scheme had, have been value engineered to the point of reverting the relatively slender appearance of the top floor into a visually taller, inelegant, dominating box. Had the proposed design been part of the original application we have no doubt planners, in consultation with design colleagues, would have demanded greater design quality and finess given the prominent, forward position of the block in the terrace.


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