Clapton CAAC March 2016

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC Thursday 17 March 2016


2016/0379 1 Forburg Road N16 6HP Erection of a rear roof extension to main roofslope. (Nick Bovaird)

No objection.


2016/0454 56 Alkham Road N16 6XF Existing use of the building as two self-contained flats (Use class C3) (Nick Bovaird)

No comment


2015/4123 38 Chardmore Road N16 6JD Erection of a single storey rear extension at ground floor level. (James Carleton)

No objection to the proposal provided the extension extends no further than the immediate neighbours extension. Aerial photography suggests it may not be as long as is suggested in the application and this should be established.


2016/0506 89-91 Osbaldeston Road N16 6NP Joint application for the erection of a part single-storey, part three-storey rear extension and two dormer windows to the rear slope. (Nick Bovaird)

The proposed extension is out of proportion to the host building and is overly dominant. It's mass it too great and it rises too high above the eaves. It creates a discordant feature the proposed domestic use for which, is doubted.


2016/0376 190 Evering Road E5 8AJ Rear garden Lime - pollard to about 2.5m, just above the knot/wound and fork to encourage lower growth. (Nick Jacobs)

No comment.


2016/0347 141A Evering Road N16 7BU Lawful Development Certificate of Existing Operation for the introduction of replacement uPVC windows to the front elevation and a replacement of a rear door with a uPVC door at ground floor level flat. (Sinead Normoyle)

We question whether there is sufficient evidence that the windows benefit from Lawful Development as no evidence is provided.


2016/0616 167 Brooke Road E5 8AG Front Garden - T2 - Acacia - Fell Rear Garden - T1 - Sycamore - Fell (Nick Jacobs)

We object to the removal of the Acacia which is a strong contributor to the street scene and worthy of a protection order. There is no evidence that the damage pictured is caused by the tree and the crack is small. Pollarding and good management will ensure the crack is not exacerbated.

The Sycamore, although less important to the street scape, is nonetheless a visible contributor and without evidence to explain why it should be removed, should be retained.


2016/0550 189 Evering Road E5 8AN Conversion of existing dwellinghouse to five flats (4x2 and 1x3 bed), demolition of existing rear extensions, erection of a two storey (including basement level) rear extension with rear terrace area, rear dormer extension, excavation of basement with front and rear light wells and associated landscaping works. Re-consultation due to revised drawings received to address some inaccuracies with the drawings. No change to the description of development proposed. (Louise Smith)

No objection to the proposal, although we note the housing mix is opportunistic and not as satisfactory as the previously consented scheme.


2016/0622 Land at the rear of 92 Brooke Road N16 7RS Removal of existing fencing of 92 Brooke Road adjacent to Benthal Road, demolition of existing unauthorised outbuilding with associated shiplap boarding covering and erection of fencing to screen two storage buildings (max 1.0m high) intended for uses ancillary to the enjoyment of the occupants of no. 40 Benthal Road. (Nick Bovaird)

The proposal plays to the report for the refused 2015/0466 scheme and fails to address its inconsistencies. Retention of the outbuilding was refused on the grounds that it "would represent an incongruous and unsympathetic addition by virtue of its siting, bulk, design and materials". The report goes on to recognise the CAAC's then objection to the design of the fence as "not desirable" or in-keeping but continues to dismiss that concern as not being harmful to the Conservation Area.

The character of the boundaries is a vital contributor to the conservation area and the assertion that it preserves, let alone enhances the CA is plainly wrong. This application suffers the same weakness.

The fence in the previous application is the principle contributor to the siting and bulk which were given as reasons for refusal. In fact they were the only factors contributing to it from a street scape point of view.

Logically, this proposal must fail on the same grounds - the visual effect is all, but identical.

However we continue in our view that the appearance would be mitigated by the erection of a dwarf-wall in keeping with the predominant style, on which to place the fence panels.


2016/0031 Land to rear of 13 Clapton Common E5 9AA Erection of four storey single dwelling house (including basement) at rear (fronting Forburg Road). (Nick Bovaird)

We consider that the increase in height and mass proposed entirely alters the appearance and impact of the development on the streetscape. Rather than appearing as a stand alone modern development of acceptable design and proportions, it now looks as large as the adjoining terraced house (with no pitched roof) yet has no symmetry / alignment in relation to roof or window lines. The street elevation has a very higgledy-piggledy appearance - one part flat roof and one part mono-pitched roof and all windows are of varying size and arrangement. We object to the proposal in its current form and recommend a redesign.


2016/0548 56 Fountayne Road N16 7DT Submission of details pursuant to the discharge of condition 3 (materials) attached to planning permission ref: 2013/1007 dated 15/08/2013 (Nick Bovaird)

No objection.


2016/0679 41 & 43 Osbaldeston Road N16 7DL Discharge of Condition 5 (Landscaping Plan) of planning permission dated 29/12/2006 for the "Erection of a 2 storey building (plus basement) containing 9 self contained residential units (comprising 4 x 1 bedroom, 2 x 2 bedroom, 2 x 3 bedroom, 1 x 4 bedroom flats) with insertion of seven velux windows in roof plane, together with demolition of 2 existing dwellings." (Louise Smith)

No objection.


2016/0485 12 Filey Avenue N16 6NT Retrospective application for retention and alteration to exisiting (sic) single storey side and rear extension (James Carleton)

We find the planning process and conduct of the applicant in this case entirely unsatisfactory. Notwithstanding that, the proposal is broadly acceptable provided that the amenity of the neighbour to the west is carefully considered as the additional flank wall risks creating an oppressive mass.


2016/0792 244 Dalston Lane E8 1JG Installation of an ATM with non-illuminated reflective advertising collar surround. (Toyin Omodara)

No objection.


2016/0805 244 Dalston Lane E8 1JG Display of a non-illuminated reflective ATM collar surround (Toyin Omodara)

No objection.


2016/0804 351 Mare Street E8 1JB Installation of internally illuminated fascia advertisement signs, internally illuminated projecting hanging signs and wall and window signs (Raymond Okot)

No objection.


2016/0384 45 Walsingham Road E5 8NE Erection of a single storey rear extension (Retention of existing rear extension with a change in roof design to previously approved application) (James Carleton)

No objection.


2016/0797 36 Benthal Road N16 7BX Erection of outbuilding (following demolition of existing) in rear garden. (James Carleton)

No objection.


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