Clapton CAAC June 2020

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for June 2020


2020/1088 103 Lower Clapton Road E5 0NP Change of use of ground floor from retail (Use Class A1) to restaurant (Use Class A3) and a self-contained residential studio (Use Class C3) with access from Clapton Passage including alterations to the western (rear) wall and provision of outdoor amenity space. (Alix Hauser 020 8356 6377)

The proposal lacks an existing ground floor plan, but we object to the apparent net loss of commercial floorspace which will affect the viability of any future retail activity. The application form at section 17 implies there is no loss of A1 floor space but this is at odds with other documents. The marketing evidence suggests the property was marketed at an unrealistic monthly rent for its current configuration and status, and it is not clear if it attracted a premium. This is a vibrant town centre and officers should satisfy themselves the property is not useable as A1 - on the face of it the claim seems unlikely.


2020/1340 79 Lower Clapton Road E5 0NP Erection of a single storey ground floor rear and side extension to provide additional commercial space (use class A2) and conversion of 1 x 5 bed HMO unit (use class C4) into 2 x 1 bed units (use class C3) (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/1599 32 Clarence Road E5 8HB Formation of a second floor mansard roof extension and a part basement, to create a two bedroom maisonette in the basement and on ground floor, and a three bedroom maisonette on the first and second floors (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

Subject to officers being satisfied with the quality of amenity in the basement - which seems suspect - the Clapton CAAC has no objection.


2020/0976 39 Alconbury Road E5 8RG Erection of rear dormer window and insertion of rooflights in front roofslope; Change of use of enlarged property from a six room House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) (Use Class C4) to an eight room HMO (Sui Generis Use). (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

There are no proposed elevations, making full observation difficult. However, based on plans alone, the enlargement is modest but begs the question if the resultant quality of living is acceptable.


2020/1513 4 Alconbury Road E5 8RH Erection of a single storey ground floor infill rear rear extension. (Raymond Okot 020 8356 8080)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal save to observe the apparent reduction in quality of light amenity in the basement living room.


2020/1590 Flat B 58 Durlston Road E5 8RR Erection of rear dormer and rooflights to the front and rear (Kelsi Bolstad 020 8356 4160)

The form of the roof extension deals clumsily with the valley roof. There are plenty more effective ways of dealing with the problem that neighbours have received consent for. But ultimately this extension is barely visible.


2020/1431 7 Reighton Road E5 8SQ Alterations to the ground / basement floor flat, including excavation of front and rear lightwells, lowered basement floor level, alterations to existing rear extension at ground floor level; conversion of upper residential unit into two self-contained units; erection of rear dormer roof extension. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

The previous applications for this site have been dogged by poor quality drawings and overscale development to which we raised concern at the time (albeit in the most recent case they were not acknowledged in the OR). Having consented to those application the Council will find it difficult to resist this application, to which we object on the grounds of overdevelopment and obtrusive from of development which, most egregiously, rises above the existing ridge and is contrary to policy in almost every respect. We welcome the reinstatement of timber sash windows and a timber door.


2020/1551 Flat A 9 Reighton Road E5 8SQ Excavation of front and rear light wells; excavation of basement floor level to provide ancillary space to ground floor unit; erection of single storey rear extension with roof terrace above and external stair. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

Notwithstanding our objections to previous applications which (in our view) erroneously approved the excavation of the entirety of the front yard - leaving no refuse storage, we have no objection to the additional excavation in this application.


2020/1690 5 Clapton Terrace E5 9BW Variation of condition 2 (approved drawings) and removal of conditions 3 (External Materials) and 4 (Design Details) attached to planning permission 2019/4358 dated 07/02/2020. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/1714 5 Clapton Terrace E5 9BW Variation of condition 2 (approved drawings) attached to Listed Building Consent 2019/4361 dated 07/02/2020. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/1449 21 Hillstowe Street E5 9QY Erection of rear dormer, first floor rear extension, ground floor rear extension, inset balcony to front roofslope, installation of 3 nos. windows to southeast side elevation, and other external alterations. (Abbas Sabir 020 8356 5401)

The modest reduction in mass does not overcome the reasons for refusal of 2020/0140. We re-assert that the treatment of the highly visible flank wall elevation is particularly poor and suggest that an application which enlivens this and introduces some details in an attractive way might offer some public benefit to mitigate the massing issues.


2020/1474 2 Bohemia Place E8 1DU Replacement of windows and doors on the front elevation and installation of new roof. (Alix Hauser 020 8356 6377)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/1475 3 Bohemia Place E8 1DU Replacement of windows and doors on the front elevation and installation of new roof. (Alix Hauser 020 8356 6377)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/1567 22 Amhurst Road E8 1JN Erection of a mansard roof extension (Raymond Okot 020 8356 8080)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/1423 37 Mehetabel Road E9 6DU Erection of single storey rear extension at lower ground floor level; replacement of uPVC window with metal framed window on front elevation at lower ground level; associated works. (Thomas Bertwistle 020 8356 2532)

Notwithstanding that hip to gable roof extensions are contrary to policy, in this instance the site is not (semi-)detached and the conversion is appropriate. This also seems to simply be a reapplication of 2017/3513 which, presumably has expired.


2020/1596 and 2020/1604 17 Sutton Place E9 6EH Increase the depth of the existing front and rear lightwells, increase existing rear opening on the lower ground floor and insert increased glazed doors, re-landscape the garden including the removal of 1no. tree. Internal alterations include the insertion of a steel beam over the chimney breast at lower ground floor level, enlarge the existing opening in the spine wall and replace timber wall cladding with a lime plaster finish and alterations to the existing first floor bathroom. (Claire Moore)

The application is insufficiently detailed for a listed building application. More details of the proposed glazing, a survey of the adjacent context and details of how the render will be removed and the brick surface made good are needed before this application can be properly approved. Additionally the larged glazed insertion is substantial and appears to be a somewhat alien intrusion in the rear elevation.


2020/1611 8 Chardmore Road N16 6HX Removal of condition 6(Use of the front yard) attached to planning permission 2018/3972 dated 21/05/2019 as varied by ref 2019/2639 dated 12/09/2019. Effect of removal would be the use of the front yard. (Kelsi Bolstad 020 8356 4160)

This application differs from refused 2020/1104 only in regard to having a planning statement and Noise Assessment. However the statement offers no justification beyond the claim that the carefully considered condition is unreasonable. This is unarguable and our observations in that refused application continue to apply: "The Clapton CAAC objections to the proposal. The ever-growing school has a substantial internal play area already. Whilst the school is opposite another school play area at Jubilee School, it's neighbour benefits from a purpose-built open area with no large facades in close proximity to exacerbate and reflect the noise nuisance - as at this site. It seems unlikely the restrictions on frequency and timings could be effectively enforced."


2020/1488 34-36 Filey Avenue (Garages) 36 Filey Avenue N16 6JJ Demolition of existing three garages and erection of a three-storey four-bedroom house. (Kelsi Bolstad 020 8356 4160)

The proposal is poorly designed and has inadequate drawings which fail to show the front elevation without the extremely high boundary wall which itself is missing from the plan. Like the extant permission the high boundary wall aggressively address the street. In the previous application the dwelling was almost entirely hidden by the wall, which had some benefit in maintaining the illusion of a garden wall. This proposal extends a storey above the wall and destroys what little merit that illusion had and now becomes something of a crude affront to the streetscape. The applicant should be encouraged to re-approach the design with a less apologetic and shy primary elevation that has improved detailing, materials and design and a much more appropriately scaled boundary wall.


2020/1515 128 Kyverdale Road N16 6PR Erection of single storey wrap around rear extension at ground floor and associated works (incl sukkah roof). (Thomas Bertwistle 020 8356 2532)

The cumulative effect of this extension upon previous extensions results in an overbearing addition which no longer remains subservient to the host building.


2020/1432 143 Evering Road N16 7BL Erection of 2 storey 1-bedroom dwelling house on the land at the rear of 143 Evering Road and fronting Maury Road. (Kelsi Bolstad 020 8356 4160)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/1670 and 2020/1713 and 2020/1656 20 Sanford Terrace N16 7LH Replacement of double-glazed windows with single-glazed windows. [Note for consultation: Planning application 2020/1656 also received] (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2020/1469 and 2020/1470 31 Jenner Road N16 7SB Erection of part single, part three storey rear extension to provide two additional bedsits and a communal bathroom and lounge to existing house in multiple occupation (HMO) (Use class: Sui Generis). (Re-submission of refused application 2019/3575) (Abbas Sabir 020 8356 5401)

The proposal does not overcome the reasons for refusal of 2019/3575 & 6 and appears to be creating a further bedsit by subterfuge.


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