Clapton CAAC January 2020

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for 16 January 2020


2019/4259 2 - 4 Lower Clapton Road and 32 St John's Church Road E5 0PA Minor Material Amendment application to vary condition 30 (staggered occupation)attached to planning permission 2015/3306 dated 19/12/2017 in order to allow 180 pupils to be admitted in the first year rather than 90. (Barry Coughlan 020 8356 7939)

The scheme was subject to a lengthy and detailed public inquiry at which one of the principal concerns was the effect of the considerable scale of operation on the site, roads and immediate community. The phasing of student entry - scaling it up gradually from 90 in the first year - was a carefully considered one and met with the consent of the applicant at the time. The applicant cannot legitimately claim this is a minor matter (by way of a minor amendment) that was not germane to the substantial consent. It would be ludicrous to allow such a material change to the operational density in the first year without as full an exploration of any new issues as at the inquiry that designed the condition. That said we don't see any new arguments that merit discussion and as such cannot support the proposal which will inevitably create an intolerable conflict between the needs of the staff and pupils and the ongoing site construction.


2019/3729 52 Lower Clapton Road E5 0RN change of use from commercial to residential for part of the site, erection of a ground floor rear extension, a rear dormer extension, and conversions to 3 flats. (Fabian Culican 020 8356 4747)

The Clapton CAAC objects to the proposed reduction in commercial space - particularly on the ground floor - which threatens the unit's viability as an active commercial unit. The plans show a modest basement storage which is not reflected in the sections but even so, does little to make the commercial floorspace an enticing proposition.


2019/4373 Ground Floor Flat 38 Powell Road E5 8DJ Erect a rear single storey infill side extension (Fabian Culican 020 8356 4747)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2019/4375 43 Durlston Road E5 8RP Erection of a single storey infill rear extension (Thomas Bertwistle 020 8356 2532)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2019/3850 4 Durlston Road E5 8RR Proposed outbuilding in the rear garden to be used as an office (Use Class B1(a)), adjoining Northwold Road. (Kim Aukett 020 8356 4740)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal provided officers are satisfied the garden amenity for the residential units is sufficiently safeguarded.


2019/4358 and 2019/4361 5 Clapton Terrace E5 9BW Erection of single-storey extension to existing outbuilding in rear garden. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

The existing structure is rather poorly finished and would no doubt benefit from a well-designed conservatory - given its location in the garden of a Grade II listed building. In principle this application might achieve that but the drawings are not nearly detailed enough to give us confidence that a high quality outcome is achieved and more detailed drawings and samples should be secured.


2019/4505 and 2020/0003 6 Clapton Terrace E5 9BW Removal of front brick boundary wall and replace with new front wall (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

The Clapton CAAC have no objection, however we suggest that fully-detailed and dimensioned drawings of a hand-painted steel or iron railing are secured rather than a 'railing to match' condition, given the designated status of the property.



2019/4478 8 Kenmure Road E8 1JU Erection of single storey rear extension, ground floor external alterations to existing two storey rear wing, and erection of bin and cycle store at existing front lightwell. (Abbas Sabir)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2019/4309 and 2019/4325 14 Sutton Place E9 6EH Internal alterations including relocation and installation of a new kitchen at lower ground floor level and relocation of partitions to the bathroom at second floor level (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection to the proposal.


2019/4475 George Downing Estate Community Hall Cazenove Road N16 6BE Erection of a single storey building (use class D2), relocation of existing MUGA, refurbishment of existing Boiler House Community Space, and landscaping of the community garden. (Claire Moore)

The Clapton CAAC enthusiastically welcomed the relocation of the MUGA in the previously consented scheme and provided it is more or less unchanged (as it appears) we have no objection. However we note that planning consultation should not present a hurdle and no effort is made to explain why a further planning application has been submitted nor explain how it differs from the consented scheme. It is important that only one of the schemes is built out and parts aren't cherry-picked from each scheme.


2019/4450 80 Filey Avenue N16 6JJ Variation of condtion 1 (Approved Drawings) attached to planning permission 2019/1224 dated 02/07/2019. Effect of variation would be to reposition windows on the rear elevation and increase in height of second floor rear projection. (Fabian Culican 020 8356 4747)

The Clapton CAAC's comments on the withdrawn scheme continue to hold: "Without clearer drawings and sections (in particular) it's hard to see if the proposed extrusion of the second floor is non-material. We are concerned that by creating a single, uniform roof eve at the second floor, the hierarchy of the rear elements is lost (in plan) and the appearance of the terrace is substantially compromised."


2019/4271 22-24 Alkham Road N16 7AA Erection of a part single, part two storey rear extension at lower ground and ground floor levels to both 22 and 24 Alkham Road (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

Although outside the Conservation Area, this large, monolithic extension is not subservient to its host building and will loom over the rear of the Conservation Area and is likely to be overbearing, destroying the rhythm and grain of the existing terrace.


2019/4448 83 Maury Road N16 7BT Erection of a single storey rear extension at ground floor level to provide 1x additional HMO room to an existing HMO and the addition of a door at the rear side elevation. (Claire Moore)

Whilst the amount of development might be seen as modest in proportion to the existing building it is clumsily and unharmoniously appended onto the plan and will no doubt lead to an exacerbation of poor quality amenity and further pressure on the common parts of this HMO.


2019/4217 54 Osbaldeston Road N16 7DR Erection of rear dormer roof extension, erection of side dormer, provision of front turret and insertion of rooflight in front roofslope. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

Like its refused predecessor we welcome the reinstatement of the bonnet cap but again oppose the change to the hipped roof line. Whilst there is no longer a large hip-to-gable conversion, the proposed dormer is tall - it reaches to the eaves - and it sukkah roof rises further above it. From the main elevation it will loom large and harm the established rhythm of paired hipped roofs.

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