Clapton CAAC April 2016

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC Thursday 21 April 2016


2016/0383 45 Walsingham Road E5 8NE Erection of a mansard roof extension (retention of existing mansard roof extenison (sic)) (James Carleton)

Not in CA


2016/0897 1-6 Belz Terrace E5 9SN Erection of single-storey electricity substation and switch room adjacent to Craven Walk (Tim Wild)

The plans are insufficiently detailed to properly assess the application in this heritage setting. In particular the steels doors seem an inappropriate material without further design detail to justify it. The substation will have undue prominence on the street and should be set back from it, in line with 4 Craven Walk. We prefer a form with a modest roof but perhaps not as steep as those shown in the alternative forms.


2016/0562 41 Oldhill Street N16 6LR Retrospective application for the replacement of existing timber sliding sash windows with new uPVC windows at first and second floor levels. (James Carleton)

Despite the existence of uPVC in neighbouring properties these presumably pre-date the CA and there is no justification for departing from sound policy. In any event the uPVC windows nearby will reach an end of life soon and at that point timber or aluminium replacements can be specified.


2016/0676 164 Brooke Road E5 8AP Erection of single storey extension at ground floor level to the rear elevation. (James Carleton)

No objection


2016/0733 42 Maury Road N16 7BT Erection of part single, part three storey rear/side extension. (Louise Smith)

No objection to the proposal provided the loss of light amenity to, in particular, the neighbouring ground and first floor windows is within acceptable limits.


2016/0542 17 Alconbury Road E5 8RG Enlargement of front light well new windows to front bay with stair access, railings and storage area with new window to rear elevation (Nick Bovaird)

The application is broadly acceptable however we have three concerns

  • The bins store should be on the ground floor, otherwise they will, in practice, be kept on the footpath.
  • The boundary railing should be atop a dwarf wall.
  • The need for a basement entrance door is not demonstrated. This seems to be a gateway to creating habitable rooms and subdivision.


2015/4620 Garages to the rear of 141 Evering Road N16 7BU Demolition of garages and erection of 1No. two storey dwelling (including basement) For the purposes of consultation only: Proposed accommodation comprises 1No. one bed dwellinghouse. (Catherine Slade)

The design is hampered by its height, and we see no reason why it could not be a storey taller. As a result the accommodation is sub-standard and poorly arranged. The appearance is austere and inappropriate and unwelcoming - particularly the proposed window shutters.


2016/0807 20 Ickburgh Road E5 8AD Erection of single-storey rear/side extension at ground floor level (following demolition of existing extension), excavation at lower ground floor level to increase the extent of the existing front lightwell; associated external alterations (Louise Smith)

The CAAC has no objection provided details of any boundary alterations are reserved or include a traditional black metal railing atop a dwarf wall.


2016/0901 28 Powell Road E5 8DJ Demolition of existing childrens indoor play area on site and erection of a 4 storey building (plus basement) comprising 424sqm of D2 (Leisure) floorspace and 21 residential flats (comprising 3 x 1 bed, 12 x 2 bed and 6 x 3 bed) with associated cycle parking and landscaping (Stuart Hammond)

The mass and scale are broadly acceptable however the detailed design is poorly considered. The mediocre design needs more refinement to better articulate the top floor element and to express a more thoughtful palette of materials. The mass should be set back slightly from the the site boundary to line up with the adjacent terrace (poor as it is) to the northern boundary.

The tenure of the two affordable homes - as "affordable" rent - is not satisfactory. These should either be for social rent or intermediate tenure.


2016/0662 23 St Johns Church Road E9 6EJ Erection of single storey rear extension at second floor level. (Evie Learman)

No objection.


2016/0412 46 Reighton Road E5 8SG Excavation of basement with front lightwell, erection of two front and two rear dormer windows and erection of side/rear extensions to facilitate the conversion into three residential units (1x1bed, 1x2bed and 1x3bed). (Nick Bovaird)

In principle the front excavation is acceptable however in this tight front garden seems impractical. The bin store at basement level is unacceptable as this will, realistically, result in the bins being kept on the public footpath. It is hard to see how it could be redesigned to allow excavation and bin access.

The precedents for other dormers are evidently not in the immediate vicinity as this terrace has an unbroken roof pattern front and back. Some properties opposite have rear dormers which would also be acceptable here, but the front dormers would not.

The proposed rear extension is acceptable.


2016/0997 93 Evering Road, N16 7SJ Erection of single-storey rear/side wraparound extension at lower ground floor level; erection of single-storey rear extension at upper ground floor level; erection of dormer extension to main rear roof; installation of rooflight to main front roof; installation of cycle and refuse storage in front garden; undertaking of associated external refurbishment works; associated with conversion from one 3-bed and 1-bed flats to two 3-bed flats (Tim Wild)

The rear dormer is acceptable in form but the timber cladding is inappropriate in this highly visible context where a more traditional, hard palette would be preferable. The rear extension is broadly acceptable though we note is 300m longer than the 3m required by the Residential extensions SPG.


2016/0866 71 Reighton Road E5 8SQ Conversion of the existing house into four self-contained flats excavation at basement level to include front and rear lightwells with front stairwell, single storey extension at ground floor level to the rear and extension at main roof level with rooflights to the front rooflsope. Terraces at lower ground, ground and new third floor level also proposed. For the purposes of consultation only - the proposed mix would be 3x2 bed and 1x studio. (Revised Description of Development only - no changes to plans). (James Carleton)

The proposed layout results in an unsatisfactory basement flat in terms of light amenity and practical layout. The proposed glass balustrade for the garden in an inappropriate material, and results in a 'roof' terrace above the basement kitchen. The proposed "studio" flat is in fact a sub-standard 1 bed flat and is unacceptable. Overall this is an over development with unsatisfactory accommodation.


2016/0996 Cavendish Mansions Clapton Square E5 8HR Replacement of entrance steps and railings to flats 17-32; alterations to existing bin stores adjoining blocks 1-8 and 9-16 to increase capacity and provide a new door. (Toyin Omodara 0208 356 8095)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection and congratulates Hackney Homes on proposing a more context-sensitive alteration that has been typical of its proposals for heritage-sensitive sites in recent years.


2016/0696 70-71 Cazenove Road N16 6AA Erection of fencing to site frontage For the purposes of consultation only: retrospective planning permission is sought for a temporary period expiring on 31/08/2018 (Catherine Slade)

The Clapton CAAC has no objection provided the use co-terminates with the associated temporary school use.


2016/1236 32 Northwold Road, N16 7EH Erection of single-storey rear extension at lower ground floor level; installation of bay windows to front elevation at lower ground floor level; demolition of front boundary wall and erection of front metal railings with gate; associated residential alterations (Sinead Normoyle)

No objection.


2016/1292 1 Stamford Grove East, N16 6LS External and internal alterations, refurbishment and reinstatement works, including reinstatement of original features and replacement of aluminium and UPVC framed windows to timber-framed, double-glazed sash and casement (Tim Wild 0208 356 8253)

No objection.


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